TOTO A200 vs C200 Washelt Which one is Better? Pros & Cons

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Toto washlet technology includes a unique wand that enables the use of water for personal cleaning after toileting. It makes a trip to the bathroom on an entirely new level of cleanliness and comfort. In this post we see detailed comparison between toto a200 vs toto c200.

The wand cleans itself before and after every use. For improved performance, one can activate the energy-saving mode. The Washlet comes in various shapes and sizes. You need to choose the one that goes with your toilet shape.

All the features of this toilet seat are perfect. It is the world’s most developed toilet technology—the ideal of how Clean Technology improves the toilet experience.

Bidet Benefits

  • Convenience you can enjoy every day
  • Clean and fresh feeling
  • Self-cleaning nozzle
  • Reduces paper usage
  • Very suitable for hospitals and care facilities

Toto A200 vs Toto C200 Comparison

toto a200 vs toto c200

TOTO  A200 Review (SW2044#01 Washlet)

A200 washlet electric bidet toilet seat. It’s an automatic toilet seat that cleans you with warm water after toileting activities, leaving you feeling fresh and clean.

TOTO  T1SW2024#01 Features

toto a200

Heated Seat. The designed, contoured seat is heated to give the greatest pleasure. A200 washlet electric bidet toilet seat has five temperature settings. It allows the user to choose their ideal level of temperature.

The Washlet provides cleansing, warm water on the touch of a button. This toilet seat maintains cleanliness with the most limited energy.

A200 washlet has five temperature settings. It enables users to choose their ideal level of warmth. A200 Washlet has Smooth design, Elongated Front. Washlet Bidet Toilet Seat comes with Mounting and Connection Hardware.

Hygienic. Sometimes toilet paper is unable to clean the genitals thoroughly after toileting. It can sometimes cause uncomfortable and embarrassing situations.

The best way to thoroughly cleanse yourself after using the toilet is by use of water. Toto A200 Washlet has a Premist function that keeps the toilet bowl cleans all the time.

The new eWater+ compound ensures that the bowl and the wand remain clean always

Eco-Friendly. A200 Washlet is eco-friendly. They reduce the amount of toilet paper a person uses or even do away with them altogether. In turn, it enables forest reservation. The advanced cleaning technology limits the usage of strong chemicals to clean the toilet bowl.

Air-in wonder wave. This technology provides a firm but gentle water stream. The water is injected with air to make the droplets big enough. And to create a better cleanse without being too harsh.

Remote control. It enables the user to access available features and settings. The remote can be hand-held or wall-mounted for more comfortable use.

The remote control is easy to use. And It has two user memory settings and an energy saver mode.

Quick Release Feature. It simplifies the cleaning of the Washlet and toilet. The feature also makes the cleaning in tight spaces and corners easier. Hence a cleaner toilet bowl.

It allows easy fitting and removal of the Washlet with just a touch of a button.

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Toto A200 Pros & Cons

  • High-quality.
  • Materials used in making A200 ensures longevity.
  • Easy-to-install.
  • By following the user guide, you can quickly fix A200 all by yourself.
  • Suitable For disabled and those with limited mobility.
  • The A200 washlet can fit onto most toilets of standard design. Your toilet does not have to be a TOTO
  • A200 Goes with any bathroom style and finish.
  • A200 comes with a remote with user options.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Cannot function minus power connection.

TOTO C200 Review (SW2044#01 Washlet)

toto c200

The luxurious, smooth toilet seat design toilet offers peace of mind to the user. Compared to the traditional toilet paper that is less rough and less effective.

The C200 washlet quickly produces pleasant, warm water cleansing at the touch of a button. Which makes one feel fresh and clean in an instant.

TOTO C200 Features

This Electronic toilet seat comes with a wireless remote for controlling the function of the Washlet. Soft Close function. Built into the lid and seat. No more closing lids with a C200 washlet.

Quick-release for easy seat removal and also does the cleaning of the Washlet and the toilet simple. It minimizes toilet paper usage. Hence saving trees and water used to manufacture each roll.

The C200 will fit onto most toilets of standard design. Your toilet seat does not have to be a TOTO. The aged and disabled people face many challenges when using a toilet. Toto A200 washlet will solve all the problems faced by these people while using the bathroom.

The user can choose from up to five different temperature options of the heated soft close seat.

PREMIST. The technology used to make this toilet seat prevents toilet bowl from waste buildup. The toilet flushes before and after every use. Creating a more hygienic environment.

This function does the daily cleaning of the toilet a lot easier.

AIR-IN WONDERWAVE. It produces a steady yet gentle water stream. To enlarge the water droplets, it gets injected with air, which makes cleaning easier without being too harsh.

Water releases at various speeds. Makes smaller droplets to collide with larger ones filling the water with more air.

TOTO C200 DEODORIZER. This technology gives a more pleasant and hands-free experience to the user. The air in the bathroom is automatically refreshed by the durable filters, leaving the toilet clean and fresh.

The deodorizer does not emit odors or any scents into the room. Instead, it draws air from the washroom and passes it through a carbon filter. It helps to eliminate odors associated with using the restroom, and it is advantageous.

Hands-Free Warm Air Dryer. Toto C200 has an air dryer, which makes genital drying after wash more comfortable. The temperatures of this dryer are also adjustable.

HEATED SEAT. The unique contoured designed, heated seat. It offers extra comfort. Five temperature settings allow users to choose their desired level of warmth and maintain it throughout the toileting.

You can set the seat to be warm all the time, or you can set it to energy saver mode. When in energy saver mode, the A200 washlet will be able to notice when you’re about to use the toilet. It will be warm during those times.

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Self-Cleaning Wand. It repels substances and self-cleans before and after every use.

Toto A200 Pros & Cons

  • Heated seat with up to five different temperature options. Suitable for winters and early mornings.
  • The Air deodorizer maintains fresh air in the bathroom.
  • Suitable for the aged, sick, and disabled. Because of more natural cleaning.
  • Limits the usage of toilet paper hence saving trees.
  • Hands-Free Warm Air Dryer may take longer to completely dry the user after water cleansing.

The design of the water stream angle cannot allow the splash-back of the water on the wand. It maintains hygiene by cleaning both the inside and outside of the rod.

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