Best Luxe Bidet Neo 180 vs 185 Comparison Review With Pros and Cons

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Every human being lives in the world with main concerns that are of a wide range. Some people highly rank the minor aspects of life while others in its significant facets. Most of those who prioritize the small elements of life are indirectly aiming at the vital elements of it. The ones who focus on the minor characters of life are those who would take their time and energies to spend in the Luxe Bidet Neo products. To them, arming their toilets with these tools is an aspect that adds value to life one step at a time.


Luxe Bidet Neo 180 vs 185 Comparison Review

Luxe Bidet Neo 180 vs 185

Features Bidet Neo 180 (Model Neo 180 white) Bidet Neo 185 (Model BidetNeo185sww)
Dimension Height 2.5inch | Weight 1.8 lbs | Width 17 inch | Depth 13 Inch Height 3.8 inch | Weight 13.5 lbs | Width 8 inch | Depth 17 inch
Electricity Not Required Not Required
Nozzles Dual Nozzles, Self Cleaning Nozzles Dual Nozzles, Self Cleaning Nozzles and Feminine Nozzles
Adjustable Water Pressure No Hot Water No Hot Water
Water Temperature Not Changeable Not Changeable
Material Hose – Braided Metal | Valve – Metal-ceramic Hose – Braided Metal | Valve – Metal-ceramic
Water Control Lever Knob
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

Luxe Bidet Neo 185 (Elite) Non-Electric Bidet

Luxe Bidet 185

Welcome the bidet home with all the essential tools for fitting it. The bidet is easy to fix that you do not have to think twice before doing it. Installing it takes a few minutes, and it is ready for use.

This Luxe bidet Neo 185 comes with a sleek design, a chrome-plated level/knob, and high-quality parts. All these parts make the bathroom lovely before use by the look. The price sums the beauty that you get with this bidet, a fair one.

The manufacturer makes sure 100% pleasure by being just a call away in case of any problem. Once you buy the bidet and register it online, you certainly get an extended warranty. Talk about customer service, and it is on offer here on demand.

The design of the bidet ensures your full luxury. It comes with a guard gate to give the best sanitary experience. The nozzle retracts to its guard gate, making sure that it has complete protection.

Dual vents add to the comfort that you enjoy. The rear cleaning has its nozzle, and the first wash has its own too. The feminine nozzle is very friendly to the women, mainly during their monthly cycles or before or after giving birth. The bidet is at its best with hygiene from both sides of the private parts.

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Pros & Cons

  • It is a non-electric device, saving the environment is one of its goals.
  • Reduces the use of toilet paper hence protecting the environment with waste bulk.
  • Luxe Bidet Neo 185 is a simple device that comes with a manual making it user-friendly.
  • There is no wastage of water thanks to the nozzle technology with little water sprinkling out at a time.
  • Apart from saving the environment from solid waste, it also saves money.
  • All these features come with a cheap price tag.
  • Once the hose leaks, it loses a lot of water.

Luxe Bidet Neo 180 Non-Electric Bidet Toilet

Luxe Bidet 180

Luxe Bidet Neo 180 beauty matches the features that it has to give you the ease of use. The high-quality tools give you the right bargain for your cash. Your bathroom instantly changes to a lovely asset that comes with less effort.

Both your dirty, from the front and back private parts get unique care with the dual nozzle feature. The female folk gets that extra care mainly during the monthly periods, before, and after delivery. With the focus on the whole family, the bidet offers more value for cash.

The bidet’s nozzle gate makes you get the right amount of water for your cleanliness. The nozzle has full protection, thanks to the nozzle gate. The bidet comes with a pledge of a long-lasting experience with its make.

Buy the bidet and fit it yourself, a manual, and tools to help accompany the bidet. The fitting takes a matter of minutes, and you are up and running. It is a simple tool, and yet it delivers high-quality help.

Its sizes make the bidet small to fit in your bathroom without any space concerns. Its fitting by the side makes it easy to reach and use. This is the beautiful bidet that comes with a small price to pay.

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Pros & Cons

  • It is an excellent product that is discreet and installs easily.
  • The bidet comes with bumpers that offer more care for your ease when you sit on the toilet.
  • There is a pledge of the ease of use through the combination of the bid and the accompanying tools.
  • The bidet gives relief of the constant filling of your septic tank.
  • If saving money is one of your goals, then you have it through the non-use of electricity by the bidet.
  • The little price that you pay for the bidet gives you an advantage of focusing on the features you get.
  • The plastic T-connector makes it challenging to control the spilling of water through its weakness.

Luxe Bidet Neo 180 vs 185 Conclusion

Whenever you want to spend on anything to add value to your day to day life, you always have the concern for how much you are going to pay. When it comes to the toilet, you would want to spend truly little. The choice of having the Luxe Bidet Neo takes care of that concern. Its price tag is close to being free when you focus on how it changes your life when using the toilet.

The fact that you have other undertakings in life that occupy you almost throughout the day, you would want a device that is easy to fit. The Luxe Bidet Neo gives you precisely that. You do not have to struggle to install it as it comes ready to start work, giving you a little concern to provide.

Considering that your primary care is the saving of the environment, the bidet makes you achieve just that with its features. First is the conservation of water through its controls. Secondly comes the fact that you are saving on the use of toilet paper.

You would also want to invest one time and forget about ever spending money again while you continue to enjoy the comfort of your investment. The bidet comes with cool features that do not need electricity to run. Apart from saving your cash, you also get to save on energy.

With all these features backing the Luxe Bidet Neo, you cannot fail to recognize it in the market and make a commitment to bring it home. Give it a try totally change the way the toilet comforts you when there.

Neo 185 has a knob to control water pressure and neo 180 has lever that is the major difference.

So What do you need? whether a twist knob or Pull handle. Based on that you decide.

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