4 Best Kohler Bidet 2021 Reviews – Is it Worth for Money?

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The Kohler Bidet is famous when it comes to bathroom fittings. A variation of toilet seats makes this brand name echo nonstop in the market. It is hard to snub the Kohler Bidet range of toilet seats.

It is an array of features that makes Kohler Bidet be in the lead. The elements have a blend with innovation that applies to a simple task that you undertake daily. A reflection on 4 of the seats points out the excellency shown by this make.

Kohler Bidet Reviews 2020

kohler bidet

1) Kohler Electric Bidet Seat Elongated Toilets, White [Bn330-N0 Novita]

Kohler Bn330-N0 Novita Electric Bidet Seat For Elongated Toilets, White

This cleansing seat comes with a solid, low-profile make that fits well with your toilet like a hand fitting into a glove. Its automatic features give the seat an edge over many others. Its on-demand warm water delivered by its twin nozzles for front and rear cleansing permits supreme hygiene.

Full tuning of water temperature and pressure takes care of the body’s most sensitive parts. This cleansing seat combines its easy-to-install feature with extra accessories resulting in fun. Its heated seat detects approach and opens up ready, waiting for you.

The features of the seat are so cool. It has ease of reaching the electricity plug through its 51 inches long power cord. All-out comfort and personalization are possible by the separation of the front and rear nozzles.

Its quick-release brackets allow it to fit in most elongated toilets. The seat’s Hybrid heater technology brings in the ease of steady and unlimited warm water. The seat has a function of auto-cleansing before and after each use.

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Pros & Cons

  • The seat has a break mode with easy to use Energy-saving features.
  • It has efficiency in heating water that one does not wait for long.
  • The bidet fitting is so simple that a layman does it easily in less than 40 minutes.
  • The toilet offers ease in use through its heated seat and a gentle splashing of warm water.
  • The seat’s dryer operates so well such that there is no need for wiping after using the toilet.
  • The remote control works with two size AA batteries making it cheap.
  • There is a time delay for water to come out after pressing the wash button.
  • The seat lacks the size to lodge an average person.

2) Kohler Heated Toilet Seat Bidet Elongated [K-4737-0 C3 125]

KOHLER K-4737-0 C3 125 Elongated Warm Water Bidet Toilet Seat, White with Quiet-Close Lid and Heated Seat

This toilet seat shows features that are so attractive. Its full name tells so much about these features. First, it arrives in the market with the old white color.

Its solid plastic material helps it to resist staining, chipping, and fading. Its size makes it even for many users. Quick-release hinges aid the seat to easily separate from the toilet, no need for tools to remove and clean it.

Two sprays, wands allow you to alter water pressure, temperature, and pulse roles. A power-saving automatic night-light function aids to light the bowl. A quiet closing lid keeps a slow close, stopping banging.

It has a tank heater that upholds the supply of warm water. You have the treat of a seat that heats with variable temperature settings. The cleansing and deodorizing features of an Elongated seat leave you with a rare treat.

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Pros & Cons

  • The seat gives you the ease of its installation.
  • The seat gives you good value for money.
  • Its size gives it the ability to being apt in many toilets.
  • The radiance that comes from the LED lighting aids you with night vision when the toilet is dark.
  • The automation of the seat makes its use exciting.
  • Its plastic material creates a smooth platform between your body and the seat.
  • The seat feels small due to the tank that takes a lot of space.
  • The controls being on the side is a burden as you cannot see the buttons when seated.

3) KOHLER Electric Smart Toilet Seat with Touchscreen  K-4108-0 White

KOHLER Electric Bidet Toilet Seat, Touchscreen Remote Control, Heated seat, Automatic Deodorization and Nightlight

This is an electric toilet seat; it comes with automation that makes it easy to use. It comes with a remote control that runs on 2 size AA batteries. This blend adds zest to the automation theme of the set.

Its size makes it apt for many toilets. The seat offers UV-light self-purity thanks to its stainless steel wand. The seat enters the market with its white color that resembles many toilets.

The in-line heater brings relief through the endless upkeep of hot water. You can not only alter the water temperature but the water pressure too. The seat gives you a choice of 5 temperature settings.

The touchscreen tool of the remote control makes it easy to handle it. The remote control also comes with two programmable users presets that enhance its use. With these two features, the working of the seat is user-friendly.

There is a night-light feature with the LED lighting that aids are seeing the bowl. Odor control of the seat is by a Carbon filter. The seat and nozzles work efficiently with Antimicrobial materials.

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Pros & Cons

  • It is a good value for the money that you spend as it is both efficient and user-friendly.
  • The UV cleansing light also pairs up as a night light saving lots of power.
  • The seat fits easily, in less than a quarter an hour it is up and running.
  • The ability to alter water temperature and its pressure make the seat fun to use.
  • The self-cleaning role of the seat aids in bringing about good sanitization that maintains good health.
  • The dryer function is too slow, hence using too much power.

4) KOHLER Electric Round Toilets with Remote Control Bidet Seat K-BH93-N0 Novita

KOHLER K-BH93-N0 Novita Electric Round Toilets with Remote Control Bidet Seat, White

The K-BH-93-NO Novita cleansing seat with remote control unveils ease and personal hygiene like no other toilet seat. It comes with an automatic opening and closing lid that enacts cleaner control. Its distinct front and rear nozzles cater to whole purity.

Its quick-release brackets aid this seat to fit into most round-front toilets. Hybrid heater technology offers prompt and endless warm water, upholding ease throughout. Sterility is at its best with a Stainless-steel wand that auto-cleanses before and after every use.

The show of State-of-the-art bidet features of this seat is cool. A nonstop flow of warm water for front and rear cleansing adds to the hygiene that the seat comes with. A sensor detects an approach and opens the lid for you to just come and sit. It then closes after you stand up.

The seat comes with a freshening system that removes the odor. Its auto-adjusting blue night-light is power saving as well as a luxury for the toilet users. The remote control does not only aid ideal water temperature, but it also controls the water position and the seat temperature.

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Pros & Cons

  • The pluses that this toilet seat brings makes money spent little.
  • Ease of fixing of this toilet seat makes everybody want to own it fast.
  • The seat’s make offers that ideal touch for you to sit on with the softest part of your body
  • The remote control adds to the automation of the seat with its feather touch keys.
  • The seat does not cause a great risk for your use with its 120 volts electricity rating.
  • The Alkaline batteries usage reduce the operation cost of the seat as they last longer.
  • This toilet seat is large

Important Factors on Kohler Bidet

The Kohler bidet is a brand name that does not need any mention. It features in many households where it has changed lives. It will continue to do so as a few more come to appreciate its dominance in the market.

It leads to quality, competence, user-friendliness, environmental friendliness, and many more features. It is indeed a force to reckon with as it still delivers to the needs of toilet users.

The cost of the toilet seat is a drop in the ocean, comparing it with its features. From its design to its working to its state-of-the-art add-ons that add value to every single penny spent, the toilet seat shows enormity in terms of care.

What Users Says about Kohler Bidet?

The reviews that you read from users about this toilet seat say a lot on satisfaction. Some reviews are loud on its ease of cleanliness. Others add up to its automation. The whole set of reviews echo on the tiny operation facts that make it beat other toilet seats.

Talking about the innovation on display, start with the seat that has the ability to heat up. After this, you have nonstop warm water that is prompt, thanks to a temperature tuning feature. The remote control that comes with feather touch keys makes its role easy.

When it comes to its energy-saving abilities, there is a lot to reflect. From the use of alkaline batteries that come in a pair for each set to save on power. The low voltage of 120 volts reduces the heat that leaks into the air.

This is the strength that is on the show by the Kohler Bidet range of toilet seats. So many features that are there for you to learn and appreciate. They come to change the finer details of your life.


The show of the four sets of toilet seats, give you a choice on what just moves you. Should it be the size, material, the weight, the toilet seat takes care of all of them. Your part is only to make a choice.

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