5 Best Kitchen Sink for 30 Inch Base Cabinet {Reviews}

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The kitchen cabinet was meant to store the kitchen appliances only. However, with time, it has evolved richly up to date. The kitchen cabinets are of three types. These types typically are based on the shape and the specifications.

The most common one is the kitchen base cabinet. This type of cabinet rests on the floor and has a counter on the top. It rests on the 30 inch base on the floor where on the top is the counter. Its height is commonly 34 to 36 inches. The depth, on the other hand, can vary from 24 to 30 inches.

The cabinet has a single door, but the modern ones can have up to two entries. The inside of the cabinet, too, can have either the drawers or the shelves. It is straightforward and is mostly preferred by many compared to others.

How to Choose Kitchen Sink for 30 Inch Base Cabinet?

When choosing the kitchen sink for the 30-inch base cabinet, consider the following;

Picking a top mount or under-mount sink

A top mount or under-mount sinks work correctly in all areas. It depends on your specifications. For the 30 inch cabinet, both can work comfortably. Under-mount pans fit seamlessly with the countertops. They are also straightforward to clean. They require mostly professional installation. Also, due to their weight, it is ideal that you use them on concrete countertops. On the other hand, the top mount sinks are hard to clean. They also require periodic caulking.

The material

Always buy the kitchen sink made from steel for the 30-inch kitchen cabinet. They are durable and long-lasting. They can do much well for the cabinet. They are also easy to clean and not very expensive.


The standard sinks measure 22 by 33 inches wide and 8 inches deep. They also have two bowls, which are of equal sizes. For the 30-inch kitchen cabinet, it requires the standard sink. The typical usual style can do good for this cabinet.

What Size does sink fit in a 30 Inch Cabinet?

Sometimes you may be thinking about changing your cabinet and the sink. With the 30-inch base cabinet, not all sinks can fit into it. Sinks come in all shapes, and different sizes thus chose wisely. Always the rule is that, take the Size of the base cabinet and subtract by 3 inches. It means, therefore, the Size of the Sink you require is 27 inches.

What size sink fits in a 30 inch cabinet? Short Answer

Size of the Sink you require is 27 inches for 3o Inch, so while buying please select 27 inch don’t buy 30inch Kitchen sinks

Kitchen Sink for 30 Inch Base Cabinet

Kitchen Sink for 30 Inch Base Cabinet

1. Ruvati Farmhouse Kitchen Sink for 30 Inch Cabinet

The Ruvati 27-inch apron-front Workstation Farmhouse Kitchen Sink from Ruvati’s Verona series has the best combination. The sink has the best bold stainless steel apron-front, a functional workstation.

Ruvati 27-inch apron-front

It also has the acaccessories that slide freely on the tracks. It includes stainless colander steel, which can get used as a filter. The included hardwood solid cutting board which is majorly made from Sapele wood (African Mahogany).

It is a very luxurious wood which has a more fabulous beautiful finish. It helps the sink than to handle the water well. There is also the rack, made of bars from stainless steel. It is held together with flexible silicone, where it is rolled out gently on to the track. It is used quite well as a drying dish rack. The apron-front turns the sink into the sizeable complete workspace. It means that you can do everything on top of the sink. It also helps much in keeping your countertops to be very clean.

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Single-tier track – The sink has lips that are overhanging on the back and the front. The lips act as a track to help the accessories which get built-in. It helps much for the functioning of the sink as a whole.

16 premium gauge T-304 – This feature helps so much in the prevention of rust. It also keeps off the stains from the sink, making it shine.

Commercial Brushed grade Finish – The feature acts excellent and is very easy in cleaning the sink. It makes the sink also to be long-lasting. Unlike the satin finishes, the brushed-finish one hides the scratch. When installed in the kitchen, it always matches the kitchen appliances.

Sound Guard – The undercoating Sound Guard plus the rubber, which is thick for Noise Defend, helps to minimize the noise. It also contributes much to the reduction of condensation.

The edge 10mm Radius – The inside corners have a different 10mm radius, which is slightly curved. It makes cleaning easy and at the same time, maintaining the great modern look.

Dish drying rack – The sink includes a roll-up dish drying rack, made of stainless steel bars. The bars are held together with flexible silicone. It rolls up tightly for secure storage and makes the dish washing very safe.

Stainless steel bottom grids – The Ruvati sink includes stainless steel bottom rinse grids. They help to protect the sink from scratches. It also acts as a drying rack for the utensils of all types.

2. Kraus Stainless Undermount Sink for 30 Inch Cabinet

Kraus KHU110-27

The Kraus KHU110-27 Standard PRO Kitchen Stainless Steel Sink, 27 Inch, is a very quality kitchen sink. It is quite known for its dependability and high quality. These sinks have a design with very straight walls with much tight radius corners. It helps to create a very creative and contemporary look in your kitchen all through. The sink is built to impress with a significant rugged T304 build-up. It also has the wear-resistant finishing.

Also, it includes the best soundproof technology. It prevents noise when using it. The Kraus KHU110-27 is highly designed to handle all the messes in the kitchen. Because of its efficiency and accuracy, the results are fantastic. It has the under-mount installation, which creates a seamless transition. The transition between the sink and the top counter gives the whole part a stunning look.

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TRU16 16 Gauge Stainless Steel – The durable and dent-resistant sink is with excellent quality TRU16 real 16-gauge T304 stainless steel.

Noise Defend Technology – It is majorly used to prevent any noise. Extra-thick pads cover the sides of the sink. Its work is to absorb any unwanted noise or vibration.

Rust-Resistant Finish – The sink is made up of Long-lasting rust-resistant finish. It prevents the sink from the rust. It also helps the sink to be as clean as possible.

Engineered Drain Grooves – The sink gets engineered for excellent drainage. It is made possible with the sloped sink bottom. The grooves and the sloped sink bottom help the sink free of standing water.

Non-Toxic Undercoating – The non-toxic undercoating prevents condensation. It then creates a moisture barrier that protects the sink plus base cabinet from getting damage.

Tight Radius Corners – For more fabulous easy cleaning, the sink has Tight-radius corners. They have a great design that helps to achieve this goal.

3. Kraus KHU100-28 Kitchen Sink for 30 Inch Cabinet

Kraus KHU100 28 Kitchen Sink 28 Inch Stainless Steel | 5 Best Kitchen Sink for 30 Inch Base Cabinet {Reviews}

It is the best type of sink, which is price friendly. The high-end kitchen sink is the best selling among the Kraus brand. It features the Kraus industrial grade corrosion resistant T304 stainless. It is the best durable sink with the thick TRU16 gauge construction. The deep bowl offers excellent space for all your cleaning services. This sink is very easy to clean because of the round corners. No worry about the protection of the sink. It has the commercial-grade satin for this purpose. When in the kitchen, the sink gives out the perfect decor. Always there is no fear of the drainage system as the sink through the rear set drain does correctly. Having this sink in your kitchen will make it look excellent and impressive.

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16 Gauge Stainless Steel – The sink is quite impressive. It has the extra-Thick TRU16 real 16-gauge construction. It is for superior strength and durability.

Noise Defend Technology – It is always irritating when the sink makes noise. The sink has sound dampening technology features for this purpose. The extra-thick pads cover almost all over the sink for sound. The non-toxic undercoating is for extra insulation for the sink.

Durable and Dent-Resistant – The sink is actually made with heavy-duty industrial-grade T304 stainless steel. It is long-lasting and very much dent resistant. It makes the sink to last for a long time.

Commercial Grade Finish – When the sink is clean, it is always pleasing. The feature helps in the protection of the surface of the sink. The sink is all the time clean from scratches and stains.

Easy Draining – The sink’s drainage system is quite remarkable. It is made possible through the engineered Drain Grooves. They are included in the basin and direct water toward the drain. It then helps to keep the sink free from the standing water.

Single Bowl Design – The sink has a unique bowl design. The deep single bowl sink has rounded corners. It makes it easy for maintenance and gives maximum space in the basin for any purpose.

4. Primart Double Sink For 30 Inch Cabinet

This kitchen sink offers top class service, which is apparent with its build. With a build of Aisi standard t-304 stainless steel construction, the sink is not only robust but also has ultimate resistance. It offers a surface that is hard to poke holes in.

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The extreme functionality of the sink is fantastic. The sink’s channel grooves come with engineering ready for optimal drainage. The double sinks bring about a unique operating space with one sink for cleaning with detergent and the other one for rinsing.

The troughs that the double sinks have offer security for the dishes with fewer breakages due to sliding and falling down. The sinks come with the gain of space for both water and bowls. The big holes in the sink are to help with the fast drainage of water.

The sink has a material that is ready for heavy-duty. The strength of its material makes the sink useful for both home and commercial use. The stylish commercial-grade brushed satin finish is in place to resist scratches.

The provision of free accessories helps you to have the correct mounting ready for work. The manual that comes with sinks assists you with fitting, no need to hire an expert for that. The template gives you the aid of a guide as you fit the sink.

5. BAI 1292 Double Bowl Sink for 30 Inch Cabinet

The crafting of the sink is ideal for the purpose that it comes to fulfill. The bigger bowl serves to rub detergents to the dishes, which are usually a lot. The smaller container comes in to aid with the rinsing before you put the dishes away.

The stainless steel build of the sink comes with the ease of fitting as it is not heavy. It is also an ideal material that resists rusting. Lastly, the surface of the sink has a perfect color that helps you to have a good look at the dishes.

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The compatibility of the steel sink is practical, with its existence in many kitchens likely. The 3.5-inch drain opening allows the sink to readily fit with most garbage disposals that exist in the market. The drain opening takes care of the most crucial part of a sink, which is the drainage.

Its net weight 26 lbs allow the sink to hang without too much fear on it being heavy to warrant a lot of support. Its sizes of 27″ x 18″ x 9″ allow fitting the sink with the least space fears. The sink takes care of concerns about weight and sizes to fit comfortably in many kitchens.

Channel grooves that sit at the bottom of the sink aid to divert water allowing proper drainage. A rubber pad that has special insulation works to reduce noise while you use the sink. The blending of technology and material produces innovation in a sink that appears simple but able to offer cutting edge solutions.

Modern zero radius corners make the bowls fit well and accommodate your soft hands without the fear of scratches. The bottom grid and the two filters that come with sink assure that you have a ready space to store your clean dishes. If this is not enough, then consider fitting a cabinet as the sink allows a 30″ cabinet side by side.


Getting the perfect Kitchen Sink for 30 Inch Cabinet is a good idea. Before deciding on the type of sink, take your time and get the right specifications. Seek the services of a professional plumber to guide you on how to get the right sink for this cabinet. Don’t get a sink with very sharp corners; otherwise, it will create problems.

Always when you have your sink, protect it at all costs. Ensure that you put a bottom grid for your sink’s protection. When you get the right sink, it helps to avoid extra repair costs.

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