How to Fix a Dripping Bathroom Faucet {Ultimate Guide}

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Do you have a dripping faucet? Is it bothering you? Here’s a DIY guide on fixing a dripping faucet. There is no need for a plumber. It is easy, quick, low cost, and even amateurs can do it. You will have to arrange for the necessary tools for the job.

Types of Faucets

Before we begin, take note of the type of faucet.

  • Switch off the water supply to the sink. The knob should be below your sink. Turn the knob clockwise to shut off. Turn the faucet on to drain the excess water in the lines.
  • Close the sink drain. You can use a plug or sink stopper or an old rag. We do not want a screw or washer going down the drain.
  • We have to remove the handle depending on your faucet type.
  • There are four types of faucets.

Fix a Dripping Bathroom Faucet

Fix a Dripping Bathroom Faucet

Compression faucet

These come with two screw handles. Pry off the decorative cap on each of the stems. Unscrew the handle and pull it out. Use a crescent wrench to unscrew the nuts.

The O-ring or the washer could be the reason for the dripping faucet. Remove the stem and replace the O-ring. Change the seat washers also. Ensure to match the sizes of the O-ring and the appliance. Also, coat the O-ring and washer with plumber’s grease.

Reassemble all components.

Ball faucet

It has several parts and is slightly tough to find the reason for leaks. The solution is to buy a replacement kit and fix all new components.

Unscrew the handle and lift it. Remove the faucet cam with the tools in the kit. Also, remove the washer and the rotating ball.

Now, use the needle-nose plier to remove the inlet seals and springs.

Coat the O-ring in plumber’s grease and replace them. Replace the springs, seats, and washers. Start to assemble, and all leaks are gone.

Cartridge Faucet:

To begin with, pry off the decorative cap on the handle. Unscrew and tilt the handle backward to pull it off. There is a circular retaining clip that holds the cartridge. It is a threaded piece. Use the needle-nose plier to remove it. Pull the cartridge up so that it stands. Remove the spout and cut the O-rings. Coat the new O-rings in plumber’s grease. Reassemble the handle and see if leaks are gone.

Ceramic-Disk faucet:

Push the tap handle back to see the screws. Remove the escutcheon cap. Remove the disk cylinder. Using a blunt screwdriver, remove the neoprene seals. Clean the bottle. Distilled water vinegar is good to clean the cylinders. Replace the seals and assemble the faucet. Place the handle and turn the water on.

Repairing a dripping faucet can be quick and inexpensive.


  • Have a place to keep all the parts in the order of removal
  • To remove mineral deposits use distilled white vinegar
  • Ensure water supply is cut off
  • If there is no water, turn off valves under the sink. Turn off the main water supply in this case.

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