13 Best Utility Sinks 2021 for Wash and Laundry Review

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If you have ever planned for a laundry room or garage, a utility sink might have come to your mind. But there are a lot more uses of a utility sink. It helps to keep the unnecessary debris away, such as from your shoes, clothes, and mop buckets. The best utility sink is that it serves your purpose and fulfill your needs within budget. We have got a list of best utility sinks to make your choice more comfortable if you are looking for the best utility sink.


Best Utility Sinks 2021

best Utility Sinks

1. CASHEL Drop-In Sink Best Laundry Room Sink

CASHEL Drop-In Sink - Essential Kit, Utility and Laundry Sink, White, 1970-20-01

Cashel utility sink is an essential kit available with a drop-in installation type. This sink has a massive capacity of 14.5 gallons. You can install this sink on countertop and cabinets with ease.

Cashel utility sink is very functional as it uses polypropylene material for construction. It makes the pan free from rust and stain. It is excellent for people looking for a sink for household activities. You can install it next to your laundry room or utility room.

If you don’t have much counter space for a utility sink, this sink can make it place with its beautiful design. You also get a washboard, soap dish, and draining workspace with this utility tub. 

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Pros & Cons

  • It has a self-rimming design.
  • There is extra space on the side to keep or hold the necessary things.
  • It is a very lightweight sink because of ABS plastic.
  • The durable plastic doesn’t hold any stains.
  • It is a good quality sink and is sturdy, shiny, and ribbed.
  • You cannot drop any heavy items in this sink.
  • This sink is acrylic and is not as durable as cast iron.

2. Transolid utility sinks 24-inch


Transolid utility sink is a stainless-steel sink. It is available with a magnetic sink accessories kit. You get a preassembled cabinet, base frame, tub, strainer with this utility sink. The faucet flow is 1.8 GPM.

Transolid sink is very stylish and durable. It is an extra thick steel sink that prevents scratches and dents. Anyone who is looking for a multipurpose utility sink can buy it because this sink has dual spray head, flex-neck, and garden hose adapter also.

The cabinet frame of this utility sink uses particleboard, and doors use MDF. A stainless steel sink filter is removable, and you can clean the sink with ease. The magnetic accessory kit includes rare earth magnets.

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Pros & Cons

  • The shaker style doors have a soft-close function.
  • Better noise dampening, due to thicker steel.
  • The flexible neck and dual spray make the cleaning easy.
  • You get a sponge holder, ledge, and a steel hook with this sink.
  • The sink is very stylish and looks great when installed outdoors.
  • You get a lot of storage options with less space taken by this sink.
  • It is not suitable for people looking for a utility sink for their countertops.

3. Ruvati Topmount Best Laundry Sink [25 Inch]


Ruvati utility sink is a 12-inch deep stainless-steel utility sink. It uses 16-gauge type 304 steel that makes the sink strain and rust-free. This utility sink is available with top mount installation and has a 1/4-inch-high rim. 

It is an excellent sink as it has a sloped bottom with X-grooves. You get sharp inside corners that make them look more elegant. People who are looking for a modern look high-quality utility sink for regular use can buy it.

This sink includes sound guarding pads to reduce noise while working. It is a very deep sink, and you can wash a lot of clothes or heavy mop buckets in it. Also, it comes with an elegant brushed finish.

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Pros & Cons

  • The top mount installation is straightforward because of the high rim.
  • Proper drainage happened because of grooves and sloped bottom.
  • Noise dampening padding for heavy-duty use.
  • You get a grate for the bottom of the sink.
  • High-quality material that prevents rust and stains.
  • Corners of the sink bottom are sharp that makes it difficult to clean.

4. STERLING Best Slop Sink 25 Inch utility sink


Sterling 996-0 is a beautiful utility sink available with a stand. It is a 22-inch single bowl sink available with a top mount installation option. It includes a pre-drilled faucet hole and two more marks for extra faucets.

A high-quality sink as it uses Vikrell material. It includes fiberglass and polyresin mix to make it durable and elegant. If you are looking for a utility sink that is deep, strong, beautiful, you can go for it. If you don’t have a countertop, it has a portable stand.

The style is unique with outside curves. There is a deck design on this utility sink that allows you to keep small items. The sink is 13 inches deep that offers massive space for washing bigger issues such as buckets.

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Pros & Cons

  • The built-in shelf of this sink is high for storing paint or scrub brushes.
  • The material is durable and prevents rusts and stains.
  • The sink is very easy to clean up and looks very attractive.
  • Very deep bowl with a bigger drain that slopes down in the corner.
  • The setup is lightweight and moves with hard scrubbing or heavy use.

5. GRIDMANN Commercial NSF Stainless Steel Sink


GRIDMANN utility sink is a wall mount sink. It uses stainless steel for its construction that makes it very durable. People use this sink for handwashing purposes. It is available with a faucet, and it is also NSF certified sink.

 A well-made sink with a tall backsplash with a gooseneck faucet. It is straightforward to clean and doesn’t allow back splashing water. It is usually for people looking for a commercial utility sink. You can use it in a garage, school, hospital, park, or restaurant.

The sink has a large and deep bowl that prevents water splashing. It also includes a basket strainer drain for easy cleaning. The stainless-steel sink meets NSF standards for public health protection.

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Pros & Cons

  • It is a heavy-duty utility sink with a large bowl.
  • This sink is very easy to install and use.
  • It works well with limited space.
  • You get a pre-installed faucet with this sink.
  • It is a wall mount sink and would not be suitable with countertop.

6. Chrome High Rise Kitchen Faucet Laundry Sink Utility Tub


Maya’s Chrome high rise is a utility tub set that comes with a large basin, metal legs, faucet, and side sprayer. The firm uses durable metal and ABS plastic for its construction. This utility tub is enormous and has a 19-gallon capacity. 

A perfect balanced sink with adjustable foot levers to get a perfect height and a high arc faucet. You can do all big tasks such as bathing your pet in this big tub. People who don’t have a countertop or looking for a considerable sink that can level on uneven surfaces, it is an excellent option.

 The pull-out sprayer is handy to clean the sink, nearby surfaces, or washing feet. You get foot levers stable the utility tub, faucet, supply lines, and necessary hardware. The high arc helps to clean larger items and bulky items also.

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Pros & Cons

  • The metal legs make the utility sink very sturdy.
  • It is well made with enormous capacity and high arc faucet.
  • It works well for an unfurnished area such as a garage or basements.
  • You get a 1-year warranty on this utility sink.
  • The faucet set is plastic and not sturdy.

 7. Blue Utility Sink Laundry Tub With High Arc Black Kitchen Faucet


VETTA’s Blue utility sink is a beautiful laundry tub. The sink is 13 inches deep and is of dark grey color that makes your space pleasing. The black faucet and the metal legs make the whole set more delightful and alluring.

A tremendous functional sink as it comes with a high arc pulldown faucet with two modes. You can switch to stream and spray mode with the touch of a button. It is an excellent choice for people who need a freestanding tub for their basement, washing area, or garage.

The faucet uses metal and plastic combination to make it durable and robust. You also get foot levelers to balance the sink on bumpy surfaces.

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Pros & Cons

  • The look of the sink and faucet is stylish and impressive.
  • The depth and width of this utility tub are perfect.
  • Faucet in this sink has a beneficial stream and spray mode.
  • You get all the necessary installation material with this sink.
  • Plumbing pipes with this sink are not high-quality.

8. Zenna Home Best Laundry Room utility sink

Zenna Home ELT2006W is an ErgoTub available in beautiful white color. The design of this laundry sink is beautiful and unique. You get pre-drilled holes for the 4-inch faucet with this sink. It is a freestanding utility tub.

Zenna home is an excellent sink as it comes with a multifunctional shelf. You get an integrated washboard, towel bar, and utility hooks with it. People who are looking for a utility sink for the washer area must buy this sink. It will make your washing experience more comfortable and faster.

The sink also includes a hose guard for the washing machine. You can keep the soap dish also on the side of this utility sink. The pull-out faucet makes cleaning easier. 

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Pros & Cons

  • The tub is exquisite and sturdy.
  • You can use the tub shelf as a grooming table.
  • It has a built-in scrub board
  • It is perfect for washer kept in basements, and drains plug is also available.
  • The utility tub is easy to install and clean.
  • The faucets are plastic and are not much sturdy.

9. Black utility sink Laundry Tub With Pull Out Chrome Faucet


Black utility sink by LDR Industries is a classic black laundry tub. It has a fantastic black finish with stunning looks. The utility sink comes with metal legs that make this sink freestanding. It is a 14-inch deep sink and serves all your needs for washing. 

A stylish, beautiful, durable, and functional utility sink. You get dual-mode faucet with spray and stream option. It is excellent for both home usage or commercial usage. People looking for a multipurpose and useful quality freestanding sink can go for it.

There is a small ledge on the faucet side that acts as a shelf for soaps, bars, or sponges. You can use this sink in mudrooms, washrooms, washing areas, basements, or garage.

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Pros & Cons

  • It has enormous depth and width for washing more essential items.
  • The utility sink is very stylish and looks great.
  • You get a PVC pipe drain connection with this laundry tub.
  • Pull-out faucet with dual-mode is beneficial.
  • Legs of this utility sink are a little flimsy.
  • Faucet is plastic and has non-metallic handles.

10. TRINITY utility sink with Faucet


Trinity THA-0307 is a stainless-steel utility sink. The sink includes a single handle chrome faucet with hoses. It is a freestanding utility sink available with plastic feet levelers. The pan uses 18-gauge type -304 stainless steel that makes it durable.

Trinity sink is a very sturdy and high-quality sink. The sink is NSF certified and has a 6-inch tall backsplash. People who need a durable, deep, and high-quality sink for home usage can buy it.

The sink has a 16-inch depth that provides ample space for washing more essential items such as mop buckets. You also get a stainless-steel drainer with this sink. Mounting hardware is also included in the package. 

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Pros & Cons

  • The sink is well made and uses high-quality stainless steel.
  • It has raised ribs to keep soap, bars, or other accessories.
  • It is a perfect size sink with an extra deep bowl.
  • The faucet has plated brass with a solid chrome finish.
  • It has a narrow tub that doesn’t take much space.
  • Sound dampening pads are not available in this utility sink.

11. Laundry Sink Utility Tub With High Arc


Maya’s Laundry sink or utility tub is a chrome finish sink. It is available with a high arc kitchen faucet. The depth of the utility sink is 14 inches. It comes with metal legs that make it a freestanding laundry sink.

A well functional sink that has a beautiful faucet with a metal base and handles. The high arc increases the workspace and allows you to wash more significant items. People who are looking for high functionality and stylish utility sink can buy it.

The utility tub has a substantial 19-gallon capacity. Metal legs help the laundry tub to be stable. You can wash your dirty and muddy pots or get your pet a bath in this sink with ease. You also get foot levelers to balance the sink. The color combination of the faucet and sink is excellent and looks very pretty.

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Pros & Cons

  • The utility tub is large enough to bath a 30-inch dog.
  • The pulldown sprayer of the faucet is very helpful.
  • Legs of this sink are adjustable.
  • This sink is very stylish and attractive to use indoors.
  • The sink is plastic and not as durable as other materials.

12. American Standard L1100 Fiat Wall Hung utility sink


American Standard L1100 is a wall mount utility sink. It is a single bowl sink available in white color. The sink uses molded stone with a compression technique. The depth of this utility sink is 12 inches.

A high wall hung utility sink and is very simple and stylish. It uses Enamel steel. It is very tough and sturdy. People who need a tough and durable wall mount sink must buy this utility sink. It can be a perfect fit for a washer area or a garage.

The utility sink includes a drain, hanger, and a drain plug. The wall-hung utility sink is 23 inches wide from side to side — an excellent option when you do not have much space to install a utility sink.

Pros & Cons

  • The quality of this sink is very excellent.
  • The sink is very easy to install.
  • Enamel steel makes it very durable.
  • It does not restrict space down the sink.
  • You cannot install it as a countertop sink.

13. Mustee 27F Utilatwin Floor-Mounted Laundry/Utility Tub


Mustee 27F Utilatwin is a floor-mounted utility sink. The utility tub is available with a double bowl and a beautiful faucet in the middle. The width of this utility sink is 40 inches. 

A perfect full, durable, and substantial double bowl sink with legs. It is easy to keep anywhere as it is floor mounted, and you can wash and dry items at the same time. People who need a sink for heavy daily usage and do not have ample countertop space can buy this utility sink.

This utility sink has 4-inch faucet mounting centers. The utility tub also comes with a washboard, stopper, and slip nut. This utility sink is available in classic white color with grey legs. 

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Pros & Cons

  • The double bowl allows many tasks at the same time.
  • The tub and legs are sturdy and stylish.
  • You can use this utility sink for big jobs.
  • You don’t need a countertop to install this sink.
  • The quality of the faucet that comes with this sink is cheap.

14. Mustee 14 Utilatub Laundry Tub Floor Mount


Mustee 14 Utilatub is a floor mounted laundry sink. It is available with a single bowl. The firm in the United States uses Co-polypore resin material for its construction. This sink has a 20-gallon capacity.

Mustee Laundry tub has a huge capacity and a very smooth surface. The sink comes with metal legs that make it more durable and freestanding. People who need a sustainable and high-quality floor mounted sink for medium usage can choose it.

The sink has a 13-inch depth. The construction mode used in one-piece molding. It is available in white color. This utility sink comes with two faucet holes. The drainage system is in the middle, and it drains very well.

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Pros & Cons

  • There is enough lip on the tub to use it as a drop-in sink.
  • It has a large ledge to hold scrub pads and soaps.
  • The legs of this sink are strong and sturdy.
  • This sink is deep and wide.
  • Perfect for cleaning dirty stuff, e.g., shoes, fishing stuff, gardening tools, etc.
  • It is a lightweight tub and not suitable for heavy usage.

Utility Sink Buying Guide

What is a Utility sink?

A utility sink is a sink little bigger than kitchen sinks. They have a deep and wide basin generally and also provide more space. The depth of this sinks reduces water splashing outside the sink. It is often paired with an industrial faucet. 

utility sinks are multipurpose and functional sinks. Its uses include washing mud, hand washing, pet washing, mop washing, gardening, and more. You can install utility sinks in a utility room, garage, garden, or washing room. You can install these sinks indoors as well as outdoors, and they help to clean big messes.

How to install a utility sink next to the washer

Installing a sink next to your washer is very beneficial to you. You can remove mud from your kids’ cloth after they play or can wash or hands after working with detergent. But you need to take care of some essential points. As you need to configure the drainpipe inside a wall to ensure proper drainage and venting. 

If you have water lines and pipes are already set up, your task would be much more comfortable. You should consider your countertop material and dimensions. Because cutting granite or marble countertop would be risky. Now, follow the steps below to install a utility sink next to your washer.

1. Turn off all the water supplies.

2. Cut a section of existing pipes. Then, install a new PVC pipe that will attach to your utility sink near the washer.

3. Using PVC cement, assemble your original pipe and assorted fitting.

4. You can attach the rest of the PVC piping if needed.

5. Install the sink and the faucet having a plastic extender below. This fitting will connect to the new PVC trap we have added.

6. Add some plumber’s putty under the faucet and tighten the nuts.

7. Connect the water lines and connect the new sink to existing water lines.

8. You can attach hot and cold water supply lines from the sink if needed.

9. Now, turn the water lines back, and the utility sink next to the washer is ready to use.

How to Choose the Utility Sink?

utility sinks help you with a lot of activities in your busy schedule. If you want to handwash dirty clothes, you can use this sink. It allows you to clean up after messy activities such as painting, gardening, DIY projects. 

You get many types of utility sink with a wide range of brands. They are also available in different sizes, colors, styles, materials, and designs. There are some factors you should consider while choosing a utility sink. First thing you need to be aware of while buying a sink is its installation type. Material is another essential factor to consider when you choose a utility sink. Other factors include depth, shelf, drainboard, and self-draining back shelf. Small size and basic models are useful to wash hands or more minor tasks. Big Tub is deep sinks to wash more substantial items.

Types of Utility Sink and Materials

Types and material are significant factors to consider while buying a utility sink.

Installation types:

Utility sinks are available with below installation types:

1. Drop-in – These sinks mount in a hole cut into the work surface, and the sink sits below the counter. Drop-in sinks are easy to install and can work well with most surfaces.

2. Undermount sinks – These sinks mount under the countertop. It offers a modern look, and cleaning is easy as you can push any countertop spills into the sink.

3. Wall-mount sinks – It works well with areas having less working space or no countertop. Wall-mount sinks are standalone units and competent to install in basements. 

4. Floor-mount sinks – These are also independent units, and you can install it near the workspace. It comes with a base or legs and is easy to install.

5. Portable sinks – These sinks mount on wheeled carts and are easy to move from one location to another. Supply lines of these sinks can connect to existing pipes with ease, and it works great for outdoors.


Some of the common materials used in utility sink are as below:

1. Acrylic or Fiberglass – These are a lightweight material and durable. These are very easy to maintain and are resistant to stains. Acrylic/Fiberglass is cost-effective and non-porous. These are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and shapes.

2. Porcelain or Ceramic – Generally used in undermount and drop-in sinks. The material is strong, pleasing, durable, and resistant to heat and chemicals. 

3. Stainless Steel – You can use these sinks in any environment. It is straightforward to clean, rust-resistant, chemical or heat resistant, and durable.

4. Cast Iron – It is a traditional material that is strong and durable. You can use these sinks for high use, high water temperatures, and harsh cleaning. 

5. Plastic – You can use these sinks for smaller tasks as they are not as strong and durable as other materials. It is cost-effective and easy to clean.


You should take care of what type of sink you need and what material you prefer in your sink. Consider your needs and the space you have for a utility sink. Then, you can choose the perfect fit, size, style, material, shape, type from our list of best utility sinks. It helps you with your regular stuff while giving a stylish appeal near your workspace.

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