5 Best Pressure Assist Toilet 2021 Experts Review

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Most of the people nowadays have expectations related to toilet. It is incredibly frustrating to struggle with solid waste when it does not go down. This is the most common problem with the models of traditional gravity toilets. 

But with the change in lifestyle and technology, the pressure-assist toilet is becoming the trend. Now, we are having two kinds of people in the use of toilets. One that is comfortable with traditional gravity models. Others who want updated life and opt for pressure-shift toilets. 

With the pressure toilet, the vocabulary of toilet units has been changed. Now, in place of water and bowl, inside the tank and hood are used. 

We have shortlisted some of the best pressure-assist toilets to resolve your problem. The main problem is selecting the best that serves in the best way. So, this article will surely help in doing so. 

Best Pressure Assist Toilet

6 Best Pressure Assist Toilet 2021 Review

1. Kohler Pressure Lite Toilet White (Best)

Kohler Pressure Lite Toilet White

1.4 GPF Toilet
Floor Mounted
requires Less Space

 Newly designed pressure-assisted toilets have exceptional flushing performance. With the excellent flushing system, Kohler K 3505-0 is also focusing on conserving water. In every flush, 1.28 gallons of water is used. So, it is contributing around 16,500 gallons annually. With this rate of saving water, flushing performance is not compromised at all. 

This model of Kohler owns class five flushing technology. The technology creates gravity with a strong siphon at the time of flushing. This offers plug-free performance. Powerful rinsing is also allowed a clean bowl. 

Design is standard, i.e. 2 –piece toilet. DryLock Fast install system prevents any kind of leakages. So, this feature safeguards you from future leakage problems. From the beginning only, the quality of the product is assured. In this toilet, no bolt holes are present. Instead of bolt holes, a socket wrench is present, and This helps in fixing the bowl to the tank. 

Canister flush valve is present in this toilet. Thus, with the powerful flushing mechanism, all the bulk waste will be gone in a single flush only. Presence of this flush valve assures entry of forceful water from all the sides at the angle of 360 degrees’ `

Vitreous China is the material used in its production. The product comes with a 1-year warranty. 

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  • Flushing mechanism is robust.
  • It saves water. It is also eco-friendly.
  • NA

2. American Standard Pressure Assisted Two Piece Toilet

American Standard Pressure Assisted Two Piece Toilet

Model: 2462.016.020
30.25 Length x 20.5 Width x 29.25 Height
Elongated Toilet
Floor Mounted

American Standard was founded in the year 2008. The company has made its name in the category in a brief time. This has been made possible due to the unique features of its product. This product from American Standard has been equipped with comfort features. 

It is a strong and iconic product of American Standard. The product makes use of 1.6 gallons of water. This volume of water is converted into making pressurized water during the flush. Nothing can come into the way of flushing. After flushing, you cant see any left our materials.

Installation is simple and easy. It is not complicated at all. So, installing is just like the icing of the cake. Basic knowledge of plumbing will let you install it. The speed-Connect coupling system is present for the installation. The model has 10 inches of rough-in. 

It has a standard two-piece design. Elongated bowl and the tall seat is the improved comfort features of the model. The elevated seat of the model makes it ADA compliant. 

White vitreous China is used as the material. It is featured with EverClean coating. The coating does not retain mildew and stains. So, it supports anti-stain properties. Both of these attributes are blended with a rim washing. This rim helps in staying clean for an extended period. 

This pressure-assisted toilet owns a siphon jet technology. In every flush, 1.6 gallons of water is used. So, this is an efficient one. However, during flushing, noise is generated. It is more in comparison to gravity toilet models. 

The pressure-assisted toilet has a 2-1/8-inch trap way. It is fully glazed. This prevents the problem of clogging. Warranty of 1 year is present with this product. 

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  • No condensation is found during the use of this toilet.
  • The water level in the bowl is high. So, it leaves the bowl much clean.
  • Flush pressure is more efficient, as well as more substantial.
  • The tank inside tank design is not favouring condensation. It is eliminating tank sweat. So, no tank sweat in days of humid weather.
  • Elongated bowl.
  • ADA compliant product.
  • Quick installation.
  • It is little noisy.

3. Kohler Classic Best Pressure Toilet Lite 2019

Kohler Classic Pressure Lite Toilet

K 3493 96
Model 1.6 GPF Toilet
Two-Piece Elongated
Tank Cover Locks

For the last 150 years, Kohler is ruling the market. Its highlighted feature is comfort. The company always focuses on improved comfort. Its product always complies with the ADA standard. So, it is comfortable for people with disabilities. 

The elongated bowl is another unique feature associated with the toilet. Its elongated bowl just provides extra space. So, there is no issue of sitting area. You will have enough sitting space. A standard 12 inches rough-in is the part of the model. 

On the left-hand side, you will have the flush lever. The model is a two-piece design. It is a standard design. So, it is easy to install. However, no supply line and the seat is included in the package. 

Kohler toilet is the perfect combination of classic look and efficient modern technology. Both of these features make the product a highly versatile one. It is made up of vitreous china. This is a ceramic material. It has a high-gloss enamel. Use of this material increases the durability of the toilet. This material is also less prone to stains. 

The model comes in three colours. It includes black, biscuit beige and classic white. 

Pressure assist flushing system has 1.4 gallons per flush as the capacity. The manufacturer claims to save water around 2000 gallons every year. So, it is saving water also. Water-saving is not possible with the traditional toilets. 

This flushing system is a clean and fast one. However, noise is a little more in comparison to the gravity toilet models. But, you will not find it overwhelming. 

Fully glazed trapway will not give the clogging problem. With this product, there is a warranty for a year. 

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  • Pressure assisted flushing system is present.
  • Bowl is elongated. It offers added room along with comfort.
  • Height of the toilet is comfortable. It is neither too low nor too high.
  • Healthy flush is there.
  • The material of the toilet is durable and stain-resistant.
  • It is not prone to clogging.
  • Design is awesome.
  • The kit does not include supply line and seat.

4. SANIFLO Elongated Pressure Toilet

SANIFLO Elongated Pressure Toilet

Elongated Pressure Toilet

Saniflo is just the synonym used for the strong flush toilets. Pump behind its pedestal is the unique feature of the model. With more pressure, the pressure-assist toilet can easily flush wasteful material. These are the best ones for basements, attics and powder rooms. 

The user can also make use of the processor of this toilet. It can be linked to other appliances of the bathroom. However, the size of the processor must be considered while buying. 

These round and elongated versions will suit your washroom décor. 

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  • Strong flush
  • Height of the toilet is comfortable.
  • Pressure assist flushing system.
  • The product does not include a supply line and seat. One needs to buy it separately.

5. TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet

TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet

Drake 2-Piece Ada
Elongated Bowl

TOTO Drake is a great toilet. The manufacturer keeps on releasing new products under the same name. TOTO is one of the largest toilet manufacturers. The company has made its name for the Washlet Cleansing Technology. TOTO has always taken care of human needs. It always comes up with elegant, simple and brilliant solutions. Innovation is the key to the success of its products. 

This toilet is compatible with ADA standards. It has placed has its seat 18 inches above the ground. So, in terms of comfort height, this pressure-assisted toilet has taken care of the height feature. ADA compliant also make it useful for disabled people. People of all ages can use it. 

Bowl of the toilet is elongated. It is 14 inches wide. Hence, it is offering enough space for all body shapes.

The product has a standard design. It is a two piece model. The model has 12 inches rough-in. You will find it easy to install. With bolts and supply hose, it can be easily attached to the wax ring and ring. However, the kit does not include the seat. 

It has 12.5% wider flush valve. GMax flush technology is a unique point. Its flushing performance is relatively high. It is 1.6 gallons per flush. So, along with efficient flushing, the toilet is contributing to saving water. GMAX siphon jet enhances the flow. It draws water into the bowl more quickly and forcefully. Fully glazed trapway produces a powerful flush. 

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  • Durable material is used.
  • It is ADA compliant.
  • No clogging problem.
  • Powerful flushing mechanism. GMAX flushing technology is present.
  • It is an expensive model.

6.Zurn Pressure Assist Tank

Zurn Pressure Assist Tank

Model Z5560-TNK-PA Tank
1.6 gpf

Zurn is another beautiful company with years of experience in manufacturing bathroom products. It aims at water solution. Its EcoFlush Technology contributes towards maximizing water savings. This pressure-assisted toilet supports an ultra-quiet flush. 

However, unlike other models, it is not ADA compliant. So, it is not suitable for disabled persons. 

But its other features are useful. The elongate seat allows extra space. So, a person of any body shape will sit on it with comfort. The design is the standard one. Like others only, it is a two-piece design. 

As it is a two-piece design, the installation is easy. There is no need to buy extra accessories for the installment purpose.

Water surface area is large in this case. It helps in cleanliness. White vitreous china is the material used in this. The material is durable. Additionally, it is stain resistant. 

It is an excellent choice for those who have concern for the environment. Water consumption is minimum. Fully glazed trapway will never come up with clogging problems. 

It is coming with a 10-year warranty. 

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  • Comfortable bowl. It is elongated.
  • Durable.
  • It has an extended warranty for ten years.
  • Not ADA compliant.

How Does a Pressure Assist Toilet Work?

 A pressure-assist toilet makes use of compressed air efficiently to enhance flushing power. It supports powerful flushing with less use of water. 

It may appear the same as the gravity toilet models. But pressure-assisted toilets are different. Firstly, there is no pool of water. You will have plastic and sealed plastic tank. Air and water are present inside the tank. 

During the refill, as the water fill inside the tank, the air gets compressed. Hence, water inside the tank is under pressure. 

On the use of flush, the water creates a forceful blast. This force clears all the solid waste from the bowl. The moment water ejected from the tank, and it is refilled with air. The pressure tank is refilled with water via a fill valve. Water filled like a standard toilet only. 

What is a Pressure Assist Toilet?

These are the energy-efficient toilets. It pushes extra water. So, when you flush the solids, additional water is inserted into the bowl. It leads to zero clogging problems. 

These toilets have a unique feature. These are generally, tank-inside-tank model. This design removes the problem of condensation. The pressure of flush is more efficient and more decisive. Pressure flushing technology is the highlight of these kinds of toilets. 


In most of the households, clogging toilets is a general problem. Thus, shifting to the option of pressure-assisted bathrooms will let you avoid such issues. Earlier, these toilets were part of public places, but now, the trend is changing. There is a population that is choosing pressurized toilets for domestic use.

Best pressure-assisted toilets will be a blending of useful features. They will undoubtedly favour the flushing efficiency. Apart from this, they will also support the water-saving element. So, opting for these toilets will always keep you free from toilet problems.

Pressure assisted toilets designed so that it will clean the bowl in a better way.

These toilets are far better than gravity toilets in every manner. Whether it is a flushing mechanism or clogging problem, these have proved themselves. More importantly, these do not sweat. So, there will never be the issue of condensation.

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