12 Best Portable Bidet Reviews 2021 With Ultimate Buying Guide

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As the world continues to move ahead in technology, so does the toilet. The toilet is not in the news most of the time because many look down upon its importance. The toilet continues to undergo automation, and it is really making its use easy. One of the ways that this takes place is through the advancing of the bidets. Lots of companies show skills in the making of bidets. This is why the task of choosing the best portable bidet is hard unless you get advice. This discussion will highlight the best features for you to choose the best.


Best Portable Bidet Reviews 2020

best portable bidet reviews

Bio Bidet The Palm TP70 | Best Handheld Personal Bidet

Bio Bidet The Palm TP70

It is an inclusive innovation from the way a traditional bidet comes. It comes with a sleek and simple design ready to work. Your next bathroom event has a pledge of a change with this bidet.

Its choice of quality materials makes it last longer. Its luxurious design outdoes many bidets set in the market to do the same job. Its make of a ceramic core, single thumb control, comes with the latest and most efficient technology.

The bidet’s steel strength aids it to stay flexible while giving constant solutions. The 58’ inches of its spiral water hose gives you the multi-purpose role to meet most of your needs in the toilet. The bidet gives you extra value in the several tasks that it can deliver.

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Pros & Cons

  • Its weight of 1.5 pounds makes it easy to hang on the flash tank without any fear
  • The bidet’s size of 7 x 3 x 7 inches makes it sit comfortably in the toilet without space concerns
  • Its stainless-steel material makes it ideal for hard duty and durability
  • The bidet’s simplicity gives it the advantage of user-friendliness
  • The pressure from the spray is manual making it difficult for many people to use

Brondell GS-70 Best Travel Bidet

Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet GS-70

The GoSpa travel bidet comes into the market to ease your travel. Its tiny size makes it fit in your travel bag without much ado. Its lightness takes away your fears of carrying it around.

The easy-store nozzle and discreet carrying bag reveal the simplicity of the bidet. The bidet can operate with both cold and warm water. Its manual operation gives the ease of use as you do not spend energy.

Both men and women can benefit from the bidet by using it to clean their posteriors. Women have an extra gain of being able to clean themselves during their menses, pregnancy, and after giving birth.

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Pros & Cons

  • Your concerns about maintaining cleanliness are at ease, whether out of town or within.
  • It is better a choice to carry around as compared to rolls of toilet paper.
  • Its affordable price allows you to have at least two of them for multiple uses.
  • When it comes to storage, the nozzle fits in the bidet easing your space concerns when traveling.
  • Its short nozzle creates a strain in using it as you have to bend and stretch your hands also.

Bidet Bottle Portable Bidet Sprayer Large Bottle

Bidet Bottle Portable Bidet Sprayer Large Bidet Bottle 560 ML

The bidet bottle, with a capacity of 560 ml, gives a pledge on your hygiene. The bidet bottle smoothly goes with you outdoors due to its tiny size. Its small weight makes it easy to carry the bidet around.

The bidet’s 6 inches long nozzle eases your hygiene with the least body motion that boosts cleaning efficiency. Its rotatable nozzle design aids full purity through a precision spray. Its 9 nozzle holes perfect cleaning by covering a more full area.

The control of the bidet is by merely squeezing the soft bottle to alter the sprayer’s water flow.

You have the ease of using cold or warm water with this bidet. This bidet allows the use of salt as well.

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Pros & Cons

  • This bidet bottle has a durable make which is soft to press, it is easy to use and lasts long.
  • Its many big holes produce a better water stream that aids water saving.
  • A 10 bucks price tag makes the bidet bottle the most affordable bidet with the ease that surpasses its cost.
  • Its size and lightness make the bidet bottle a worthy companion wherever you go.
  • The first use makes it difficult since there are no use guidelines.

JP Bathroom Cleansing Portable Travel Bidet 155

JP Bathroom Master’s Postpartum Perineal Cleansing Portable Travel Bidet

The portable postpartum bottle is cold to new moms with its soothing feature on the sensitive areas. The bidet comes free of toxins. New moms look forward to visits to the clinic with the bidet easily put in their handbags.

The bidet not only helps in perineal recovery but also in treating hemorrhoids and cleaning during menses. Its size makes it sit in your bag with no fears. The bidet’s design leaves room for you to find its many other uses.

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Pros & Cons

  • With a weight of 3.84 ounces, you have the slightest concern of moving around with this bidet
  • The multiple-use feature of the sprayer saves you money
  • The bidet is simple to use, and its fitting takes minutes.
  • The hose that is attached to the bidet extends to reach other areas that need cleaning.
  • It has a problem with pressure regulation.

2PCS-Pack Portable Bidet for Toilet

2PCS-Pack Portable Bidet for Toilet

The bidet’s 450 ml volume gives a cheap approach to hygiene with less water usage. It assists women to clean their private parts without inserting fingers. It helps with health while maintaining your pocket.

Its affordability makes it an everyday gadget in many hands. The whole bidet reduces to almost half its size when not in use. It has the ease of going with you in as many places as possible.

Its size makes it easily find space in your luggage, ready for outdoor activity. Its tiny weight adds to the ease of its presence wherever you are with a little concern. Enjoy the company of the bidet that you will only feel its presence in times of use.

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Pros & Cons

  • Uses both cold and warm water
  • The squeeze bottle is soft giving room for a tender touch
  • It comes with a manual to help set it up, this reflects its simplicity
  • It has a reasonable price label which gives an advantage with the features that it possesses.
  • The bidet has no pressure control for water.

BOSS BIDET Mini – Portable Compact Travel Bidet

BOSS BIDET Mini - Portable, Handheld and Compact Travel Bidet

It is an economical gadget that you can easily possess without a second thought. You save more when it comes to its operation as it does not use electricity. Its ease of use, lightness and, small size make it fit in your life with advantage.

The pressure control is in your hands, activate it by a gentle squeeze. Among its many uses is the fact that it also offers health benefits. Its comfortable fit is present with the simplicity that it comes with and a manual to guide you.

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Pros & Cons

  • Apart from taking care of adults, toddlers’ hygiene needs can also benefit
  • Its retractable nozzle helps to reduce its size ready to smoothly fit into your bag
  • No need for squeezing the bottle as it has an air-lock valve to allow the flow of water
  • You have hygiene at your fingertips thanks to this bidet
  • You cannot store water in the bottle as it will easily spill.

Toto Washlet Portable White Bidet


It has a compact and convenient push-button make, which is a beauty in your hands. It brings you a warm washing feature at a cheap cost. Completes quality functioning with its two washing modes.

It is resistant to chemicals and cleaning agents, a fact that brings more hygiene with it. You can reduce its size when the portable travel washer is not in use. The compact travel wash does not stretch your budget.

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Pros & Cons

  • It has auto features that are supported by a battery
  • Its 0.16 ounces weight makes it virtually absent but, present every time of use
  • It comes with the utmost ease of operation
  • Its size and weight are features that minimize the comfort of carrying it around.
  • It implements a light wash, which makes it ideal only for toddlers.

Genie Bidet Easy Use Portable Bidet 155

GenieBidet - Rear & Feminine Ultra Thin Toilet Attachment with Self Cleaning Dual Nozzles

The material that makes it is BPA-free plastic that is soft to the touch. The blue bottle has a lengthy nozzle that is white. The middle part is curved to give you a good grip ready for work.

With a volume of 400ml, the bottle gives you the ease of use with no continuous refills. Its soft allows an easy squeeze that does not prompt the use of electricity. After using the bidet, you only push its nozzle inside, and it is ready to go with you.

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Pros & Cons

  • The company of a free pouch makes it easy to carry anywhere you go.
  • Its long and telescopic nozzle makes its use bring a thorough cleaning effect.
  • The bidet’s sturdy cap keeps any leakages on the check.
  • Its BPA-free material guarantees durability.
  • Its weak water pressure promotes an uneconomical wash.

Panasonic Portable Bidet


It is a convenient bidet that is for cleaning on the go. The bidet is so small that it easily fits in your hands to do the job. Making a move with it does not bring any worries

When it comes to controls, you have 2 speeds to help you with different cleaning tasks. It has an adaptor that you can use to connect to a larger volume container to give more water. It has an automatic operation that uses 2 size AAA batteries.

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Pros & Cons

  • Its weight of 11.2 ounces gives you the advantage of carrying it around with no worry.
  • Its tiny size makes it fit into your hands, ready for proper control.
  • It is a simple bidet that gives the benefit of using fewer concerns.
  • It takes care of your pocket due to its affordability.
  • It tends to clog most of the time.

HAPPYPO Easy Portable Compact Bidet

HAPPYPO Easy-Bidet (White) Portable Shower for Improved Hygiene

The HappyPo is a simple bidet that offers a comfortable and accurate stream of water that cleans gently. Its sprinkle of water cleans so lightly taking care of young soft skin. Talk about simplicity, and you have it through the use of this bidet.

It is a good fit for those people suffering from sensitive skin conditions. Those who suffer from other health conditions like hemorrhoids can also have relief through the use of this bidet. Take care of your health through this bidet.

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Pros & Cons

  • It gives you the ease of altering the temperature to provide you with the ease of use.
  • The bidet’s portability gives you the ease of using it as many places as possible.
  • It operates manually, implying that it is environmentally friendly.
  • It is the right fit for a tight budget.
  • It has a limitation on the amount of water that you can use.

Cool knight Travel Bidet

Cool knight Travel BidetHome BidetPortable BidetHandheld Bidet

The Cool knight Travel Bidet differs from the rest as it is clear with a label showing the amount of liquid in it. It has a volume of 500ml that beats many other bidets in the market. It weighs 6.4 ounces when empty making it ideal for walking around with you.

Its water pressure control lies in your hands as it depends on your squeeze. Its long nozzle reaches where you need it making you benefit from fewer movements. The bidet’s airtight chamber at the container’s base deals with messes by dispersing pressure optimally.

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Pros & Cons

  • It has a reasonable price tag.
  • The bidet’s nozzle releases the right amount of water due to the several holes that it has.
  • Its volume of 500ml keeps you at ease from constant refills.
  • The mid-part does not have the right curve to give a better grip.

How do portable bidets work?

The portable bidets work in a quite simple way. You fill the water, and after easing yourself, you just press the switch to activate the sprinkling of water to clean. If it is manual, you just squeeze the bottle to release a sprinkle of water to where you want to clean.

Do Portable Bidets Really Work?

Yes, they work. The most important consideration is that you have to familiarize yourself with their operations. Most of the concerns that come from different users are mainly to do with ignorance.

Portable Bidets Buyer’s Guide

Whenever you want to buy a portable bidet, there must be a concern that you want to take care of. This should be what guides your decision making. Do not let other people’s reflections cloud your decision making. The portability feature of the bidet enables you to fulfill your desire to use it in as many places as possible. You, therefore, have to consider the portable bidet’s size, weight, and whether it has a nozzle that is retractable or not.

With these concerns taken care of, next comes in the fears of the bidet’s friendliness to the pocket. This is a factor that only you can make a decision on since you know your pocket very well. Consider your budget and then look for the features that you desire to settle on what will make you happy. When you make the decision to spend, there must be a right turn around at the end of the spending to give you value for the money spent. The concern might be you want to save on what you currently use. If this is the case, then you pause at the end when you have the bidet and ask if your concern still there or not.

Finally, a reflection on the environment is very crucial. All the time that you would want to use something new to replace an old one, you will want to ensure that the situation remains safe. If this is the objective you are setting yourself to achieve, then it is a viable project, just go ahead with it. These are the primary concerns that are there and let no one convince you otherwise. You are the shoe wearer, and you have the last say, so go for it.


we Listed the best bidets in the market, the choice now rests with you on which one fits your dreams. The discussion here was to take you through the features on offer from the various portable bidets and what bargain you have in terms of the cost. Everything that calls for your decision is on the table; your pick is on the right guidance. Just be real with the needs that you want to take care of and move ahead to do the right thing by acquiring the right portable bidet to see you through.

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