5 Best Hot Water Pressure Washer Reviews 2021

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Cleaning is an essential part of a human being’s life. It takes place almost everywhere one finds himself or herself. Since it is a crucial undertaking, and it takes place in every environment that exists, it tends to become complex. The complexity comes in because of the different reasons that dirt arises. With the complication of trash comes the sophisticated cleaning methods to dry and do a thorough job from time to time.

In the home or commercial environment, cold or water can clean. Still, at times there are situations that present abnormal dirt that needs cleaning. Typical cold or water then falls short of doing a good job; this is when hot water pressure washers come in. For instance, when utensils have oil or grease dirt, one cannot use typical cold or warm water to clean them.


Best Hot Water Pressure Washer Reviews 2020

How Hot Water Pressure Washers Clean Better?

The hot water pressure washers clean better as they break the molecular bonds that exist in the oil and grease.

Soap Vs No Soap

Soap can reduce the bonding between dirt molecules hence removing them from a surface. At the same time, its absence makes it hard to do this, and it results in a difficulty of removing dirt.

Cold Vs Hot Water

Coldwater usually cleans, but there is some form of dirt that needs special treatment that is only achievable with hot water. Hot water helps to remove algae bacteria and other things from surfaces more effectively. The reason for this occurrence is the heat, which has a positive result in dealing with these types of dirt.

1. NorthStar Best 4000 PSI Hot Water Pressure Washer

NorthStar Best 4000 PSI Hot Water Pressure Washer

The NorthStar electric wet steam cleaner is a fantastic tool to possess. Its build is of a robust material that pledges fewer upkeep concerns and durability. Its operation is smooth as it does not come with automation that typically displays many buttons for different functions.

It operates using a diesel burner; this promotes cost-effectiveness since diesel is cheap. The functioning of the cleaner is at its best due to the power that diesel produces. The cleaner maintains a clean environment as it has light emission in terms of waste.

The cleaner comes with a diesel burner that heats water to temperatures of up to 250° easily and rapidly melting the toughest grime, grease, and oil dirt. Additionally, the cleaner takes care of harmful organisms on the surface with the heat that kills them instantly.

The cleaner comes with temperature control that you can use to regulate the heat you need. A 4-gallon fuel tank ensures that you have enough fuel to last you a substantial amount of work before refuelling. Its diesel burner has ½ in the heating coil that efficiently heats the water.

Pros & Cons

  • NorthStar Electric Wet Steam Cleaner serves as a multi-purpose utility as it can also help melt ice during winter times.
  • Its operation is smooth as it takes less time to heat up.
  • The NorthStar electric wet steam cleaner comes in a simple build that allows anybody to use it.
  • Its little waste emission makes it environmentally friendly.
  • Its coil has a material that is vulnerable to rust; the internal rust produces particles that clog the nozzle.
  • The cleaner is bulky, hence making it difficult to carry around in case you are working in a large area.

2. AR Annovi Reverberi 2000 PSI Hot Pressure Washer

AR Annovi Reverberi 2000 PSI Hot Pressure Washer

The AR ANNOVI REVERBERI AR630-HOT AR North America Pressure is a washer that displays automation. It has an automatic safety valve that has a low-pressure bypass, which takes care of excessive pressure. Its built-in detergent suction adds to its automation with truly little work on your part.

In terms of safety, the cleaner has a trigger gun that helps you to safely shut it off whenever the need arises. It has an adjustable pressure gauge that allows in tailoring pressure, ensuring that you have control over the output. A GFCI helps in shutting down the power supply in case there is an electrical ground failure.

The robust feature of the cleaner pledges a cost-effective way of owning it as it has automation even when not in use. It has a water filter that has an easy-clean mesh-design to help extend the pump’s life. Its safety lock stops the trigger from the accidental engagement when not in use.

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Pros & Cons

  • The AR ANNOVI REVERBERI AR630-HOT AR North America Pressure Washer comes with the power of delivering the job without any noise.
  • The cleaner carries with it an affordable price tag making it available to many consumers.
  • It comes with an ease of use given its simple build.
  • Its build shows robustness that reduces the cost of constant upkeep.
  • The cleaner does not have a long hose, which renders it for only a few household cleaning.

3. Simpson Mini-brute Electric Diesel 1500 PSI Hot Water Pressure Washer

Simpson Mini-brute Electric Diesel 1500 PSI Hot Water Pressure Washer

The Simpson Mini-Brute pressure washer comes with a compact build ready for work. It has a hot water hose with a steel braid make that has easy connectors. It gives ease of operation with its four connecting stainless steel nozzles.

A steel frame and 13-inch pneumatic tires support the machine giving a pledge of stability. The Simpson Mini-brute delivers 1,200 PSI water pressure that promotes spotlessly clean effect on surfaces. This pressure washer comes small in size but extremely big in providing services.

It has a rigid structure that pledges the continuous delivery of jobs with extremely little or no upkeep. Its simplicity makes it easy to use across the board with no concern for reading the full product manual. Apart from the 2 tires, it has two stands that have a rubber, ensuring that they do not hurt the surface.

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Pros & Cons

  • The washer comes with good value for money while at the same time being cost-effective.
  • Its automation makes it easy for users across the board.
  • Its robust build pledges the long-lasting nature of the machine.
  • Moving around with the machine is easy courtesy of the 2 tires that it has.
  • It is a bulky machine that requires energy to be able to control it all the time.

4. Shark Gas Best 3000 PSI Hot Water Pressure Washer

Shark Gas 3000 PSI Hot Water Pressure Washer

The Shark SGP-353037 3,000 PSI 3.5 GPM comes with portability that makes its use comfortable. Its build is of heavy-duty material that gives it the strength to perform exceptionally. Its 4 tires support its movement around such that cleaning a large area is not a concern.

It comes with an ETL certification that talks more about its ability to perform securely. It has more security with its leak-free schedule 80 heating coil that has a reinforcement of a stainless steel wrap. Its engine rates highly in terms of the values it carries, which ensure that it has the strength to fulfill cleanliness and also last long.

The machine uses gas to run; this implies that it is cost-effective with a pledge of delivering with less concern about energy consumption. The innovation of having the gas power and diesel heater gives the washer the power that you need to undertake cleanliness. The cleaner has an innovation that ensures the output is always up to the standard of delivering the pressure that you need for cleaning.

Pros & Cons

  • The washer’s portability and long hose make it ideal for cleaning large areas as they have ease.
  • Ease of use is another feature that the washer comes with, making it serve as many people as possible.
  • Its stainless steel tank pledges its strength of resisting rust.
  • The large tank it carries helps it to clear jobs with ease as it takes time to refuel.
  • Its price tag does not make it affordable to a wide range of people.

5. NorthStar Wet Steam Gas 2700 PSI Hot Water Pressure Washer

NorthStar Wet Steam Gas 2700 PSI Hot Water Pressure Washer

The NorthStar Gas Wet Steam and Hot Water Pressure Washer is a great value for money tool that many dreams of having. It carries with it robustness from the type of materials that it has its build. Moving around with it also easy through the 4 tires that it has.

In terms of the build, it stands tall enough to take care of the different terrains that you can think of when it comes to performance. Its engine is in the open, making it easy to check whenever there is a concern. Its large water tank ensures efficiency as it takes long before one can add water.

A look at its performance brings in the reality of the right features for excellence. It carries with it the regular nozzles as well as a soap nozzle. You can apply soap using the soap nozzle and then use the other regular nozzles to rinse the surface.

The finer details of the washer show efficiency in the way it delivers on its functions. It comes with a Vanguard horizontal shaft engine that has an integration of a cyclonic air filtration that ensures long life. It has a fuel filter of Parker Hannifin Raycor build that also comes with a  water separator which prevents burner ignition concerns. Its rear hose-entry spray gun that has a split lance helps to keep the hose in place for ease of handling.

Pros & Cons

  • The NorthStar Gas Wet Steam and Hot Water Portable Pressure Power Washer is environmentally friendly.
  • The washer is cost-effective as it has a compact build that does not need constant upkeep undertakings.
  • It does not come with complexity hence making it easy to use for as many people as possible.
  • It has ease of movement through its 4 tires, although it is bulky.
  • The washer is not an affordable tool for many consumers.


The discussion focus on the different hot water pressure washers available. It might be the cost or bulkiness or any other con that you might think of as a hindrance in undertaking your task. Nevertheless, the pros are so many that they overshadow the cons. The only action is to sober up, define your problem, and make a tour of the discussion from the beginning until the end. The conclusion will be that there is at least one washer that will take of your concern.

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