10 Best Foam Cannon Soap 2021 Review [Buying Guide]

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Foam cannon soaps are the best ones to clean your cars. These are cleaners making the surface shine. 

There can be difficulty in choosing the one. The market has many options with various brands and kinds. Here, a list of foam canon soap will help you in getting the best one. It will serve your purpose well. 

Best Foam Cannon Soap Review

Best Foam Cannon Soap

1. Chemical GuysHoneydew Snow Foam Car Wash Soap

Chemical Guys CWS_110 Honeydew Snow Foam Car Wash Soap (Works with Foam Cannons, Foam Guns or Bucket Washes), 1 Gallon, Honeydew Scent

It is a snow foam canon soap popular in many countries. There are three main reasons for its popularity. The first benefit is that it is inexpensive and provides the best results. A second reason is its excellent performance. Finally, you don’t need to use large amounts of it at one time. 2-3 ounces is sufficient for one time. 

This foam produces lots of thick suds. But, it will help in lifting off the dirt and grime. Dirt and grime accumulate on the car daily. So, it is essential to remove this dirt and grime. The product will give you excellent results. 

Its pH is neutral. This is a great feature. Neutral pH will not let the product damage the sealant and wax present on the car. Indeed, it will not cause damage to the plastic, vinyl, and rubber. Hence, it is safe for car paints and so on. You can use it on any vehicle. You can also use it on gel coat finishes. It is also helpful for jet skies, RVs and boats. 

It is free of any CFCs. In addition, it is environmentally friendly as this product is fully biodegradable. 

The product has a fragrance of honeydew. However, watermelon fragrance is also available. Indeed, the honeydew scent is less noticeable. So, if you prefer a less intense scent, then honeydew is the perfect choice. 

While using it, you need to dilute it. Use one cap of the snow foam with 5 gallons of water. 

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  • It removes environmental containments, grime, and dirt.
  • The product is safe for all vehicles.
  • It is an excellent product at a reasonable price.
  • Its natural honeydew smell is excellent and natural.
  • pH is neutral.
  • No Cons

2. MATCC Bottle Snow Foam

MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon I Liter Bottle Snow Foam Lance Fit 1/4" Quick Connector Foam Blaster for Pressure Washer Gun

It is an ultimate foam canon. This washer gun comes with a brass nozzle. Durable brass nozzles ensure long-lasting performance. Indeed, it also helps in leak-free operation. The bottle of the foam cannon has a wide neck. So, it makes the process of adding cleaner simple and easy. Its recessed area gives a good holding of the bottle.

There is a presence of a filter. It is present at the end of the tube. A soap particle filter removes soap particles from the water. Additionally, it helps in preventing the scratching of the paint. There is a facility to regulate the foam and water. A knob and adjustable spray pattern help in this. 

There is a quick-connect fitting of ¼ inches. It is made up of stainless steel. So, it is a durable part of the foam cannon. 

Adjustable spray nozzle helps in the decent spray. It follows the cylindrical pattern of spray. 

Sold construction of the cannon and its nozzle can take a beating when it is in a spry position. However, while washing your vehicle, it gives smooth, even, and good application. Its foam spray pattern is excellent. The foam blaster is well-engineered and built. 

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  • The product has a brass nozzle.
  • It comes with a pressure washer gun.
  • Quick connector is of stainless steel.
  • Valve may loosen, which controls the soap.

3. Adam’s Mega Foam

Adam’s Mega Foam 16oz – pH Best Car Wash Soap For Foam Cannon, Pressure Washer, or Foam Gun | Concentrated Car Detailing

Adam’s ultimate cleaning power will impress you. The brand gives you the experience of both enthusiasts and professionals. The foam has super stick polymers blended with hyper surfactants. These can lubricate, capture and lift abrasive debris. 

Use of this soap foam allows a gentle wipe from the surface. On rinsing the foam canon, there is no scratch on the paint. Its nonviscous and thick formula releases the large amount of suds. It gives impressive results. 

During cleaning, the dirt moves from one place to another. This increases the chances of scratching the finish of the surface. The product creates maximum suds. This suds acts as the thick layer of lubrication in between the paint and wash mitt. Simultaneously, it also traps the dirt. 

This has neutral pH. Hence, it will not harm sealants and waxes. Indeed, it does not contribute to the degradation of ceramic coating. This allows scratch-free washing. It ensures the finishing of RV, motorcycle, and truck. 

It does not have wax as the additive, and it will not dull the paint on the surface.

It works with any foaming accessory. You can use it in an indoor and outdoor setting. While using it, please don’t use it much. Its fragrance is like cherries. 

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  • It gives snow like leather.
  • Very little amount is needed.
  • pH is neutral of this product.
  • It supports more foam and minor scratching.
  • No Cons

4. Sun Joe Premium Snow Foam Orange-Vanilla Scent Car Wash Soap

Sun Joe SPX-FCS1G-CRM Premium Snow Foam Orange-Vanilla Scent Car Wash Soap & Cleaner, 1 Gallon

Sun Joe’s premium snow foam has a delicious fragrance. So tasty is a little weird, but it is so wonderful. 

It offers complete convenience to you. You can use either brush or mop to clean the vehicle’s surface. You can also use this one for pressure washers. 

You will always get exceptional results on using it. This product always gives a smooth finish as well as shine. Sun Joe is a concentrated formula. So, it would be best if you diluted it. Add only 0.2 fl oz in a gallon of water. It will create one gallon of product to use for cleaning. It forms excellent rich suds. 

The product is suitable for metal surfaces and cars. Now, you have a bonus too. It is also ideal for power washer cleaners for cleaning brick and wood. It will not cause any damage to them. 

You can also use it in downstream as well as upstream injectors. 

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  • It is safe for wax.
  • The snow foam provides significant shine to the surface.
  • Its smell is pleasant and intense.
  • The product is a concentrated formula.
  • It does not cause damage to sealants as well as wax.
  • It effectively removes dirt as well as grim.
  • You should dilute as per the directions only.
  • It is not suitable for cars with dark colors.

5. Foseal Snow Foam Lance Jet Wash Pressure Car Washer Foam Cannon

Foseal Snow Foam Lance Jet Wash Pressure Car Washer Foam Cannon 1L Bottle Adjustable Thick/Watery Soap Foam, with 1/4" Quick Release

This product is value for money. Its build quality along with performance is satisfactory. 

It has a nozzle. TThe nozzle creates excellent foam, thanks to its excellent design. Using this foam to coat a car is a good idea. During a narrow and a wide spray, the nozzle provides thick foam to coat the entire vehicle. You can also turn off the soap if you want to use clean water with wide and narrow spray. 

This is suitable for cleaning various things. It includes motorcycles, cars, driveways, window washing, siding washing, and so on. 

The core of this snow foam is of solid brass. Brass is of high quality and durable. It is also ideal for heavy use. 

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  • It forms thick foam.
  • Results are outstanding.
  • Use it soon otherwise it will not work.

6. Mothers Triple Action Foam Wash

Mothers 05610 3X Triple Action Foam Wash, 100 fl. oz.

It does not look good to drive a dirty car. But, cleaning externally is a little costly. So, cleaning it with the help of foam canon soap will help you. Mothers 05610 is a well-formulated product. 

The company is a famous brand in the market. This brand offers high-quality products. For example, you can use the foam canon soap for your vehicles and cars. It will give you desired results. 

It is a triple-action formula. You can dilute the foam wash in three different ways. The diluting process depends on the amount of dirt the car has. 

For general washing, you need only one fluid ounce. If the vehicle has lots of suds, then increase the ounces and make it 3 ounces. For intense cleaning purposes, you must use 5 ounces. All of them are used in a gallon of water. 

This product is effective and robust. It will make your car shiny and clean. Importantly, pH is balanced. Balanced pH saves the sealant and wax of the car. So, it will not cause any damage to your car. Indeed, rubber, glass, and plastics are also saved. 

The product is cost-effective. It is available at a modest price. 

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  • It cleans the car at a cost-effective rate.
  • pH does not affect the wax and sealant.

    7. TriNova Foam Cannon

    TriNova Foam Cannon and Gallon Car Wash Soap Kit Best Set for Detailing Trucks or SUVs (Kit w/1Gal Soap)

    TriNova is a popular name in the category of car care products. In addition, it is a familiar name in the range of premium products. This foam cannon comes under the list of premium and durable products. 

    It is a good option for cleaning your car. Fill it for once and wash the car without interruption. 

    This foam cannon has impressive features. Firstly, it is easy to use. You just need to fill the reservoir bottle. Then, after filling it with soap, click the trigger.

    You need to make adjustments to the knob as per the need. Now, the spray is entirely ready for you. First, spray it on the vehicle. Then, rinse the foam off with the help of water.

    TriNova Foam cannon are effective in removing all kinds of containments. It is efficient in removing sap, dirt, dust, bugs, and grime.

    Additionally, it can also clean off the sidewalk and side of your home. Wherever there is a need for deep cleaning, you can make use of this product. 

    The product does not have issues with cracked necks. Instead, it has an extra-wide neck. High-quality product always ensures high performance. The same concept is with this product. Use of this product results in extraordinary performance and cleaning. 

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    • High-quality product.
    • It has a wide neck. So, it avoids crack issues of the neck.
    • Brass fittings have large diameters.
    • It results in deep cleaning.
    • Spray adjuster sometimes is not accurate.

    8. Armor Wash Snow Foam

    Armor, All Car Wash Snow Foam Formula, Cleaning Concentrate for Cars, Truck, Motorcycle, Bottles, 50 Fl Oz, Pack of 4, 19141-4PK

    In automotive care, Armor is a popular name. It is a trusted brand. Armor is offering a high-rated formula to clean your cars efficiently. Its formula creates thick foam intensely. This foam helps in loosening dirt as well as grime quickly. 

    Indeed, it is safe to use as it will not cause any damage to your car. In addition, special hydrating agents are present in the formula. This helps in making long-lasting foam. So, in comparison to others, the foam will stay for a longer time. 

    The soap foam has a balanced pH formula. Hence, it is safe for sealants and wax finishes. It will not stripe them away. The product is safe to use on exterior surfaces like windows. Hence, the use of this foam cannon will let you damage your paint and surface in any way. 

    You can use your hand or a foam sprayer to use it on the car. Fewer efforts will clean your car perfectly. When you are cleaning the car, the least you want is hard work. This product will let you clean your car with less effort. Less effort does not compromise with the fantastic results. 

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    • Balanced pH formula.
    • Presence of special hydrating agents.
    • It is safe to use for exterior purposes.
    • Nothing to mention.

    9. Bilt Hamber Auto Foam

    Bilt Hamber Auto Foam 5 Liters, Snow Foam Car Wash Soap

    Bilt Hamber is a perfect product for a car wash at a reasonable price. There is no use to spend on expensive sealants as well as waxes. This product will help you in achieving the same perfect finish. The company is a popular name in the world of auto detailing. 

    In the world of environmental degradation, it is essential to contribute to its preservation. The product is biodegradable. So, it is good to use the product as it is environmentally safe. 

    This auto foam has premium quality. Its designed in such a way as to soak and saturate the soiled paintwork of the vehicle. 

    It is a concentrate product. Thus, this auto foam will not be used in few couples. You need to dilute it first before using it. Half liter of concentrate is used with a gallon of water. A high pH will not cause any harm to the paint of the vehicle. 

    Surfactants of the foam canon soap perform an outstanding job. It will remove the toughest dirt and grime. Within 5 minutes, you can have a clean car surface free from dirt. The results are pretty impressive and surprising. 

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    • It is a new generation premium quality product.
    • Its performance is good.
    • High pH does not affect the paint of the cars.
    • It has 50 ounces of concentrate.

      10. Relentless Drive Car Foam Cannon Soap for Pressure Washer

      Relentless Drive Car Wash Soap Kit Includes 1 Gallon Car Soap & 1 Car Wash Mitt - Foam Cannon Soap for Pressure Washer, Exterior Care

      It is a beautiful product to clean your car. The product has a non-stripping and high foaming formula. Both are necessary for cleaning the vehicle efficiently. 

      The non-stripping formula will not remove any existing coating of the vehicle. As it is pH balanced, it is safe to use on all exterior parts. Hence, it does not cause any harm to the car. The car remains well protected. It is safe in cars as well as in RV, motorcycles, and trucks. 

      The high foaming formula is an ultra foaming and ultra-slick cleaning solution. Dirt and grime get off from your car on the use of his formula. It is residue-free. After rinsing off, it does not leave any streaks and residue. 

      Foaming car wash does not damage protective coverings. It works gently. It gently lubricates the paint surfaces. All of these reduces the chances of damaging the surfaces. 

      Moreover, you will get advanced cleaning materials with the package. All these cleaning materials will aid in getting the best result. Premium microfiber car wash mitt is a long-lasting thing. 

      Double-sided chenille microfibers help to eliminate scratches while cleaning. It offers maximum comfort. It is featuring with ultra-absorbent. It can hold seven times its weight. Its absorbent feature makes the cleaning fast and efficient. 

      With every stroke, it holds suds as well as traps the dirt. 

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      • It is lint-free and scratch-free.
      • It offers high-quality exterior care.
      • Its package includes a wash mitt. This wash mitt is incredible.
      • The formula is hard on dirt and grime.
      • It is safe for paint.


        Does foam cannon use special soap?

        Foam cannon has a unique formula to lose the dirt and grime. Sometimes, they also have some hydrolyzing agents in them.

        What is the best foam cannon soap?

        All the products mentioned here are the best ones. Of course, you can choose as per your requirement and budget. But still, Adam’s Foam Cannon is a good one due to its capability and affordability. 
        There are certain factors to consider while buying soap cannons. 
        Look for the surface-appropriate formula. There are several kinds of foam cannons. Your pick depends on the surface to be cleaned. A wrong pick can cause harm to the surface. Improper cleaning also leads to discoloration of the surface. 

        Where to buy foam cannon soap?

        You can buy the foam cannon soap online. These are also available at car cleaning shops.


        Maintaining your car clean requires the use of the appropriate product. In addition, cleaning the car means dealing with dirt and grime. So, here foam cannons play an essential role. 

        Whenever you wish to clan a car, there is always a fear of damaging the finishes, wax, and sealants. But these products help you in cleaning the car without any fear.

        These foam cannons are incredible products to use for cleaning your cars. They form tons of foam and lubricate the surface with the foam. It helps in the prevention of scratching of the car surface. 

        Snow Foam is a very effective and efficient product. There is no damage to the surface and paint. You can easily remove the dirt, dust, and grime from the surface using these foam cannons. Buying the one will never be a wastage of money of yours. It is worth your money. 

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