11 Best Pendant Light for Kitchen With Great Ideas {Review}

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Proper lighting gives a warm and homely feel to the living spaces. A right blend of different lights sets a calm atmosphere. It provides a feeling of increased space and sets the mood right.

Pendant light ideas

Styles of Pendant light

There are three styles of lighting; task, ambient, and ascent.

Ambient Lighting:

This lighting is soft and natural lighting. This lighting style helps reduce stress. A new trend is to use it in yoga studios for its calming effect. Pendant lights are recommended to be used.

Task lighting:

As the name suggests, used for finer tasks. Task lights work well where concentrated or focused lights are required. Down pendants are an excellent option.

Accent lighting:

This style creates a sophisticated atmosphere and adds to the decor of the home.

Let’s look at how and where we can use pendant lights in our homes.

A pendant light is the one that hangs from the ceiling. Also known as drop or suspension lights. Typically would have a string, rod or chain to hang it.

Generally suspended in odd numbers, they add to the style of the home.

They come in a range of sizes and materials. Glass, metal, and plastic pendant lights are the most common. Wood, bamboo, and shells are other material options.

Glass: The most popular especially in chandeliers. Looks extremely elegant. An excellent choice for indoors but could break off easily outdoors.

Metal: Sturdy and a fabulous choice for the outdoors. Metal suspenders are expensive.

Plastic: Plastic pendant lights are sturdy, cheap and look elegant.

Fabric: Cheap, attractive and give a homely feel. Not sturdy but a good option for bedrooms.

Wood / Bamboo: Gives a vintage look.

Shell: Shell lights give a unique coastal look to the house.

Perfect lighting is about three key measures.

  1. Measure the dimensions like height, width, and length of the room
  2. Determine the height of the pendant light
  3. Deciding the location of the light

Let’s try to answer questions on which lights go where?

Broadly there are three types.

Multi-arm pendant light: These are similar to chandeliers. They are perfect above a square or rectangle table.

Linear pendant lights: As the name suggests, they are sleek, long, and thin.

Shades pendant lights: The bulb is exposed. You can choose from drum, cubes, cones, cylinders and a lot more options. Look classy in the dining or living room.

Let’s look into more detail.

Center Bowl / Inverted pendant lights:

The light is in the shape of the bowl facing upwards. The bowl faces downwards in an inverted style.

They provide calm lighting. It sets a soothing atmosphere to the room.

Down Pendants:

The light points downwards. This light provides focused lighting in the area where it is hanging.

They are very popular and come in many designs. Popular to light kitchens.


They are thin and hang on a single cord but have multiple lights. Best used over kitchen islands and pool tables.

Mini Pendants:

They are slimmer, smaller and have the flexibility to use in smaller spaces. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, configurations, and styles. Provide unique designs and adequate light.


It has multiple lights grouped in one. They provide a stylish look. Do not work in all types of rooms.


It is a light with a shade to block some light. This creates an ambiance and sets an atmosphere.


Chandeliers now come in different shapes and sizes. Best found in high ceiling rooms and entryways.

Best Pendant Lights for Kitchen

1. Globe Electric 64845 Nate 3-Light Pendant

Globe Electric 64845 Nate 3 Light Pendant | 11 Best Pendant Light for Kitchen With Great Ideas {Review}

Globe Electric 64845 Nate is a bright glass shade available with three light pendants. It has a beautiful oil rubbed bronze finish. It is a vintage-inspired product that gives a fantastic industrial look to the kitchen.

This pendant light is compatible with a dimmer switch that allows for dimming the lights. The completely dimmed lights create an excellent atmosphere for the area. Another remarkable feature is the rod, and the metal hangings are adjustable in 3 places. Hence, it allows customizing the pendant lights according to your desire.

All the mounting hardware is available with the product to get an easy installation. Three metal rods of 9.85 inches are available which would need three bulbs of 60 Watts. You can install the rods on a sloped or curved ceiling.

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Pros & Cons

  • The trendy design gives a warm glow to the kitchen.
  • If you don’t like bright lights, you can add dimmer LEDs with a dimmer switch.
  • Effortless installation as all instructions are clear and hardware is available.
  • You get a farmhouse or industrial look in your kitchen with these pendant lights.
  • It goes perfect with a rustic kitchen and gives a vintage look.
  • The product even perfectly fits a vaulted ceiling.
  • It shows dust soon and needs frequent maintenance and cleanliness.

2. Primo LED Industrial Kitchen Pendant Light

Primo LED Industrial Kitchen Pendant Light | 11 Best Pendant Light for Kitchen With Great Ideas {Review}

Primo LL-P429-LED-BN is a single LED kitchen pendant light. Primo pendants by Linea di Liara are clean and classic designs. They are available in brushed nickel, antique brass, and polished chrome finish. Brushed nickel is an 8-inch diameter clear glass pendant with a 7-inch height.

The pendant light is a smart bulb compatible. So, you can control the light with your mobile phone with ease. Primo light is also dimmable when you use a dimmer switch with it. It also has an 8-foot field with a cord wrapped with fabric and is adjustable.

The pendant light has an E26 standard US light bulb base. The LED bulb available with this pendant light is 4W with a 2700k colour temperature. The unique round clear glass with the globe looks very pretty for your kitchen.

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Pros & Cons

  • The brushed nickel pendant is impressive with a high-quality finish.
  • It works great with the LED Edison dimmable bulbs with a dimmable switch.
  • The pendant light is very easy to install and looks great.
  • The brushed nickel matches all fixtures, and you can install it anywhere in your home.
  • Linea lighting donates a percentage of every sale to the charity.
  • The cord is black fabric and doesn’t pull down straight.

3. Westinghouse 6100800 Industrial One-Light Pendant

Westinghouse 6100800 Industrial One-Light Pendant

Westinghouse 6100800 is a one-light mini pendant. The pendant uses handblown and seeded clear glass for its construction. This pendant is available in a pack of 2. It has a beautiful Oil-bronze color with brushed nickel finish.

The clear seeded glass used in this mini pendant provides a pleasing glow in the kitchen. This one-light mini pendant cord is adjustable. So, the flexible cord goes perfect with both low or high ceiling rooms or kitchens.

The fixture of this kitchen pendant gives an industrial look with dim light. The cord length can be most 50-inch. You can use a medium-base bulb with up to 60 W in this pendant light.

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Pros & Cons

  • The seeded glass shades look very amazing and give a great aroma to the kitchen.
  • The pendants provide a delightful light reflection on the ceiling when the bulb is on.
  • The brushed nickel finish of this pendant light is of high quality.
  • Westinghouse offers a pack of 2 mini pendants that you can fix according to your desire.
  • The cord of this pendant light is adjustable and offers ease of installation.
  • It is difficult to clean at the very top of the inside globe as it has a light build base.

4. Lanros Industrial Mini Pendant

Lanros Industrial Mini Pendant

Lanros mini pendant is a one-light mini pendant with an industrial look. The pendant lighting uses clear glass with seeded glass shade. It has a farmhouse kitchen lamp that is perfect for kitchen islands. This pendant is stylish and has a retro style giving a vintage feel.

The mini pendant is compatible with LED, CFL, halogen and incandescent bulbs. All the bulbs with E26 sockets suit this pendant light. This pendant light has an adjustable rope. So, you can adjust the height from 10 inches to 60.75 inches.

You can use this pendant light for slanted as well as sloped ceilings. The installation of this mini pendant is straightforward. The modern and stylish light is a beautiful vintage style product that can give a new look to your kitchen.

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Pros & Cons

  • The seeded glass shade has an impressive design with handcrafted material.
  • The pendant light is compatible with sloped ceilings. It allows you to hang it in various positions.

  • It is compatible with a wide range of bulbs and is compatible with dimmer LEDs.

  • The bubble glass gives a delightful glow in the kitchen.

  • The pendant light uses heavy glass for its construction, making it more durable.

  • You have to be more careful while cleaning the pendant light as it is all glass material.

5. Lucera Glass Kitchen Pendant Light – LL-P431-LED-BN

Lucera Glass Kitchen Pendant Light – LL-P431-LED-BN

Lucera LL-P431-AB kitchen pendant light is a single light fixture. You can use it as an engaging kitchen island light or for a home light. The antique brass color of this fixture is very classy and uses brushed brass finish.

This pendant fixture has an adjustable cord with five hard stems in it. So, you can enjoy the fixture at various heights from 15 inches to 54 inches. The pendant light has an E26 base for the bulb and is compatible with a wide range of lamps. You can use dimmable bulbs with a dimmable switch, or you can use smart bulbs also.

The round canopy of 4.25 inches goes excellent with the sloped or curved ceiling. Glass shade of this pendant light has an 11-inch diameter with 8.25 inches height. The handblown glass is very durable and perfect for a new style to the kitchen.

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Pros & Cons

  • It is a very pleasing pendant light fixture and gives light with a polished look.
  • Each fixture has flexible metal length rods to adjust the height of the pendant light.
  • There is a pivoting arm for the canopy to have easy installation for a curved ceiling.
  • It is compatible with smart bulbs, colour-changing bulbs and Wi-Fi enabled bulbs.
  • The hole for the glass shade is vast, so it is difficult to centre it.

6. KingSo Industrial Metal Pendant Light

KingSo Industrial Metal Pendant Light

KingSo metal pendant light is a very classy and enduring light fixture. It is a spherical pendant light with a retro style. The pendant light has a rustic chandelier with an iron alloy finish. The style of this pendant light has an industrial-looking globe of 11.81-inch diameter.

The elegant geometric design has four rings. You can spin all the four circles around screws in the pendant light. The open-air design of this fixture provides safety for the bulb and increases its light also.

The pendant light with a unique spherical design offers a pleasant, charming atmosphere. The hanging light works great with any of the E26 base bulbs. You can also use dimmable bulbs with other dimmable switches.

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Pros & Cons

  • The hard-wired pendant fixture offers safety from electric shock if the plug gets wet.
  • The hanging cord is adjustable and offers length from 15 inches to 51 inches.
  • This pendant fixture is compatible with a sloped or curved ceiling.
  • KingSo provides 12 months warranty on this pendant light.
  • The rustic and stylish pendant light is affordable and has a stunning look.
  • The pendant light can be small for a big kitchen table, so you need to install two lights instead of one.

7. Effimero Medium Hanging Pendant Light – LL-P314F-BN

Effimero Medium Hanging Pendant Light – LL-P314F-BN

Effimero LL-P314F-BN is a medium hanging pendant light. The kitchen island pendant light uses a brushed nickel finish. It has a frosted glass shade that gives the pendant light a unique and stylish look.

The contemporary style of this light features a frosted cylindrical shade of light. The frosted shade with a high clean metal shines in a very delightful way. The pendant light has an adjustable hanging cord with no visible wiring. You can adjust the height of the light between 14.5 inches to 58.5 inches.

You can hang more than one pendant light on the kitchen table at different heights to get a fantastic look. The fixtures use E26 base bulbs. You can also use smart bulbs, dimmable bulbs or halogen bulbs. The frosted shade is 5 inches wide and has 8 inches height.

The pendant light offers three 12-inch, one 8-inch, and one 4-inch hard stems.

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Pros & Cons

  • The 4.25-inch canopy is round, so it works well for curved or sloped ceilings.
  • You can use smart bulbs, and Wi-Fi enabled bulbs or colour-changing bulbs with this fixture.
  • The frosted shade is smoky and very easy to clean.
  • The pendant lights offer a beautiful glow even with an average size bulb.
  • You can hang the lights with the three available height options only.

8. Effimero Large Hanging Pendant Light – LL-P315-PC

Effimero Large Hanging Pendant Light – LL P315 PC | 11 Best Pendant Light for Kitchen With Great Ideas {Review}

Effimero LL-P315-PC is an abundant hanging pendant light. It has a bright glass shade that looks very classy. This kitchen island pendant light is available in Polished Chrome colour.

The modern style of this light has a glass shade in a cylindrical shape. It is perfect for any farmhouse lighting or kitchen island lighting. You can use E-26 base bulbs of a wide range. This pendant light works with all medium base bulbs such as dimmable, LED, CFL, halogen. It is also compatible with smart bulbs, colour-changing bulbs, and Wi-Fi enabled bulbs.

The hanging height of this pendant light is 17.5 inches to 61.5 inches and is adjustable. The hard stem has no visible wiring. The five hard stems have different heights for adjusting, such as 12 inches, 8 inches, and 4 inches.

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Pros & Cons

  • The lights don’t overpower a kitchen but give a perfect glow and wow factor for the kitchen.
  • Having different length optional rods is an advantage to use extra height.
  • A wide range of bulbs is compatible with this pendant light so you can use a dimmer light or smart lamp.
  • It uses rods instead of wires, so the lights hang straight.
  • The clear glass is tough to clean, and you need to remove the bulb to clean it.

9. Kira Home Belle 9″ Contemporary Industrial 1-Light Pendant Light

Kira Home Beacon 11″ Industrial Farmhouse Pendant Light

Kira Home Belle is a 9-inch one-light pendant fixture. It is available with an oil-rubbed bronze finish. It has a latest and modish style and is perfect for your room, dining or kitchen to get an industrial look.

The fantastic finish of this fixture has a flexible canopy. It has pivot joints for easy installation on the slant ceilings. The bright color fixture of this pendant light offers an adjustable height. You can adjust the height of metal rods from 17.5 inches to 59.5 inches.

You can use any LED, CFL, or the incandescent bulb. The bulbs can be medium base bulbs up to 60W. The innovative lighting is beautiful for the area. It gives a voguish appearance to the kitchen table or dining.

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Pros & Cons

  • The high-quality light fixture is very durable.
  • The different length rods cover the wires and allow optional height for the lights.
  • The dimmer lights blend very well with the oil-rubbed bronze fixture.
  • It is a perfect replacement for a modern farmhouse style kitchen.
  • Kira offers a 1-year warranty on the pendant lights.
  • The metal cord coverings are a bit wide for the width of the lamp.

10. CLAXY Ecopower Vintage Kitchen -3 Lights

CLAXY Ecopower Vintage Kitchen -3 Lights

CLAXY Ecopower is a three lights pendant lighting fixture. It has a vintage style with a glass chandelier. The three-light accessories are clear mason glass jars with island chandelier.

The CLAXY pendant light fixtures have a hard-wired connection. So, it features safety from the accidental open-wire current. The metal cord is adjustable. The three cords for the installation are 47.2 inches, 43.3 inches and 39.4 inches in length.

The Ecopower light fixture is a great modern style for your living room, dining room or kitchen. You can use three E26 base bulbs for the three lights. The bulbs can be up to 60W. It features a black canopy that looks very trendy.

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Pros & Cons

  • The antique style of mason jars gives an industrial look to the kitchen.
  • The Ecopower light fixture is straightforward to install and needs two people to fix it.
  • You can adjust the length of each light according to your choice.
  • The standard base E26 Edison bulbs can give a beautiful and bright glow.
  • The glass globes can clink against each other and break. So, cover them with winter hats while installing.

11. Kira Home Beacon 11″ Industrial Farmhouse Pendant Light

Kira Home Belle 9″ Contemporary Industrial 1-Light Pendant Light

Kira Home Beacon is an 11-inch farmhouse style pendant light. The light gives a modern vintage look and has an antique style. It is available in an oil-rubbed bronze finish.

The hanging lamp features a retro-style round Fresnel lens. The lens can spread an exact amount of light needed for the kitchen. For the easy bulb change, you get a hinge-locking antique design for the pendant lights.

The innovative and high-quality pendant light fixture is a great classical product. You can use E26 base bulbs, CFL or LED bulbs up to 60W. The metal cord offers an adjustable height from 22 inches to 70 inches.

Check Price on Amazon

Pros & Cons

  • The nautical design theme of this fixture is very artistic.
  • The chained beacons are compatible with a slanted or curved ceiling.

  • A smooth touch appears to finish using a gold trim accent.

  • The Fresnel lens offers soft and scattered beams with an impressive look.

  • You get 12 months warranty on the beautiful pendant light fixture.


Ideas for Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Down pendants and Linear pendants are common choices in the kitchen.

  • If your purpose is to illuminate the food prep then down pendants are great.
  • Linear pendant lights work best to illuminate the kitchen island.
  • Cluster lights can work best when you want to light the entire room. Multiple downward pendants would also add to the ambient look.
  • Gold tones are trendy and could add a contemporary look to the kitchen.
  • Decorative lights creating interesting shadows are an option.

Pendant lights can be added as a style statement when you have sufficient lighting in the room.

Use softer lights if you love to cook and spend more time in the kitchen.

Ideas for living room lighting.

The living room requires a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting. Ambient for overall illumination, task for focused lighting and accent to highlight articles.

  • Chandeliers can add a nice glamorous look to the living room
  • Use creative drop-down lights. Hanging multiple adds elegance to living space.
  • In the center of the room hang downward pendant or shade light.

Ideas for bathroom pendant lighting.

We begin and end our day in the bathroom; so the bathroom needs to be clean and peaceful.

  • Shades in combination with shade chandeliers will brighten the entire bathroom
  • Glass downward pendant lights add to the decor and also provide focused light for activities like shaving or brushing.
  • Round or globe pendant lights add to a classic look.
  • Do not add too many lights in the bathroom. It will look cluttered. Lighting should be sufficient to add to the look and also provide good illumination.

Ideas of pendant lights for bedroom

Pendant lights are one of the best alternatives for bedrooms with high ceilings.

  • A cluster of copper globes next to the bedside looks elegant
  • Mini pendant lights can create a Starlite effect
  • The downward pendant at the side of the bed looks classic.
  • Ensure the light is not too bright or harsh for the bedroom comfort
  • Hang them near the bottom of the bed for entire bedroom lighting.
  • Small chandeliers look elegant and add glamour to the room. I suggest not to have them over the head of the bed.

Pendant lights for outdoors

Proper lighting outside the home can set the proper mood for parties. Matching pendant lights with other lights can set the atmosphere. Use lights in various shapes.

Lighting can be done in combination with other lights to illuminate, decorate and style. Choose the lights based on the function to ascent the look and ambiance of the living spaces.


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