Best DIY Christmas Urns Ideas | 9 Top Christmas Urn Fillers

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Soon it is going to be Christmas time, and everyone will be happy. The best way to celebrate it is to decorate your house both indoor and outdoor with Christmas urns. Fresh flowers are always a welcome sight, and Christmas urns with them add additional beauty.

You can use your DIY skills to make Christmas urns to the joy of your guests.  They may not only praise the beauty of the Christmas urns but also will be proud of your DIY skills. It only needs the ability of your choice with the right size and looks. Fill it with slender twigs twice the size of your urn and with some simple artistry work turn it into Christmas urns which make this Christmas an unforgettable one in your life.

To excite your family and your guests along with anyone crossing your home, Christmas provides the right opportunity to have Christmas urns. There are many types like to make them sparkle with colorful bulbs and also with kale and pine cones. To increase your appetite and also of your guests with fruits in your Christmas urns will make their visit to be cherished for a long time.

DIY Christmas Urns Ideas

Make this Christmas a memorable one with Christmas urns exposing your DIY skills.

Christmas is all about fun, food, lights, cheer, positivity, decor, and enjoyment. There are joy and happiness in the air. The streets, homes, shops, restaurants all look amazing with beautiful lights and Christmas planters.

Decorating homes with DIY crafts can be fun. It brings out the creativity in kids and adults and also brings the family together. Especially children love being part of creating and decorating during Christmas. 

One of the most loved decorating custom is making a Christmas planter or urn. They add color, sparkle and bring out the holiday cheer. In this holiday season, let’s try to make Christmas planters.

Making an urn at home is very simple and budget-friendly. It requires basic preparation. You can purchase the planter stems from local garden stores — good greenery like pine, evergreen or something from outside your yard. You can search for cheaper options based on your budget. 

Some ideas to save cost are: 

  • Just pick some twigs/stems from outside your yard
  • Make your decor for the urn
  • Save the previous year’s Christmas décor
  • Use an old pot and paint it to give a classy look

Now comes the fun part of making decors for the urn. I love making the sparkling stars. Along with stars, we will also make snow sticks, snowflakes, Christmas balls in different sizes and colorful bows. I am sharing some of DIY for decorations. 

What are we waiting for? Let’s begin our DIY Christmas planters/urn. 

DIY Christmas Urns 2019

DIY glitter star for the urn

These little shiny stars look marvelous and can be used to decorate the Christmas tree as well.  

Supplies for the most straightforward glitter star: 

  • Craft Glue
  • Floral wire
  • Glitter powder of different colors
  • Cardboard / colored chart paper
  • Scissors

Cut multiple star shapes from the cardboard. You can print various sizes to get the exact shape. Cut two stars of the same size each. Ideally, for the make three different colored stars. You can choose to make more or less.

Add glue on one side and scatter the glitter powder on each of them. Let it dry and dust of the excess glitter.  

Turn the star upside down and stick the floral wire in the center of the star. Let is dry and now stick the other star over it with glitter side up. Ta-da your glitter star is ready! 

If you want to be more creative and make a 3D star, just cut the star shape and fold in the center lines outlined, so they pop up. You have a 3D glitter star ready. Add glitter and stick them to the wire. Your 3D star is prepared. 

DIY snowflakes for the urn

 These are super fun and easy to make. You can make the design of your choice, and they all look lovely. You can even decorate the home, Christmas tree, and glass windows with these paper snowflakes. They give a mesmerizing effect, especially when used in window decorations. 

Supplies for Snowflakes

 White square paper

  • Scissors
  • String
  • Glue
  • Pencil

Make a diagonal fold. Another fold to make a triangle. Fold left end of the triangle to center and fold the right end of the triangle again over it to center. Flip it and cut the extra edges. Cut snowflake designs of your choice on the folded triangle. Once done slowly open the paper and your snowflake is ready. Stick a string at the top to hang them. 

The internet has a lot of snowflake designs to choose from. So just draw the design that interests you. Delicate, beautiful snowflakes are ready to hang. 

DIY Christmas Ball


  • Clear ornaments
  • Glitter
  • Clear glue

 Pour some clear glue in the ornament and swirl it around. Add the glitter powder and swirl it, shake it. Close the cap after it dries. Your Christmas ball is ready. Make different colors.  

 Alternatively, you can buy foam balls. They are cheaper. Glue them and roll them in glitter powder. Attach a string with glue, and sparkling balls are ready to hang.

 Once we have the greenery and decor ready, let’s make our Christmas planter. 


  • The greenery of our choice 
  • Glitter star
  • Snowflakes
  • Colored Bows
  • Christmas balls
  • Berries
  • Pot
  • Birch logs 
  • Pinecone

The supplies can be got from local stores. Once all this ready it takes only 10 minutes to assemble. Make sure you have three different colored and types of greens.  

Start by adding sand in the pot. Now add the greens all around the pot. Add the birch logs for support. Start by inserting then one by one. Ensure a mix of different shades of green. Now add the berries. Start decorating by entering our glitter stars, Christmas balls, or pine cones… Hang in the snowflakes. Add a big bow around the pot or paint it. Voila, you are ready with a beautiful urn.  

 These can be placed outside in the yard or indoors. I prefer placing them outside near the entrance of the home. 

 Additional decor that can be added is the orbit. You can pick one from the store. It’s fun and adds a lovely touch to the planter. Fairy lights can be added for a beautiful and colorful glow. 

Best Christmas Urn Filler

1. GTdo’ sn’materialals Artificial Greenery Plants 

Place it like artificial planting into a decorative vase for an added splash of greenery. This artificial plant is for indoor or outdoor use. We can plant it into the ground for a graphic and hassle-free land display. It has a classic design. The design offers an upscale look for indoors or outdoors. Settle in a pot to blend it with other greenery in your home. It is perfect for areas that do not support live plants.

Artificial plants in lush green will always sustain the sunlight of spring. It has a natural fresh color, harmless 100% Safe, elegant and well made. Unlike the real plants, these artificial flowers will never die off and no need to take care. It comes with four bunches of fake bushes and each stem total length approx. 14.17 inches. This item weighs 7 ounces and weighs 7.2 ounces.

Its dense green leaves and bright color provide a natural look for any land. These plants would look good enough in a bright and well-lit space. Fake greenery plants are perfect for home, terrace, office, and guesthouses and garden. These worked out great in a large planter by our in-ground pool where regular plants died.

Check Price on Amazon

Pros & Cons

  • These types of artificial plants are perfect for outdoor flowers with no maintenance.
  • Both leaves and flowers are of plastic, but they look Realistic and attractive.
  • It has a pretty floral arrangement and a nice pop of red color finishing the arrangement.
  • It doesn’t need pruning, watering, and sunlight and is perfect for areas that don’t support live plants.
  • They look real, but flowers fall off, and you cannot put back on.

2. CYS EXCEL Glass Vase Fillers

Gemstones are very popular as vase fillers, but also they are a great tool to spark up your creativity. Vase Fillers are a great way to add color and shine to any decoration. You can use glass gems, glass gem marbles, or acrylic hearts. It helps you to get creative and start giving your unique touch to your home decor. Vase fillers inspire creativity, with a wide variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. 

Gems are craft from recycled glass, and as a result, color may vary. It is the secret to great flower arranging and home decor. You can add this as reusable bright glass gemstones to your floral displays at any place in your home.

It has the highest quality glass gems. The company only uses the highest quality glass to ensure quality lasts for many years. These are not only great for patchworks, but they are also for crafts and home decor accents. Gemstone Clear-5LBS has 1.8 cm in diameter and approx. 500-550. These Gems are great for games and decoration.

Check Price on Amazon

Pros & Cons

  • These gems are perfect for Christmas decorations and give a perfect glow for your individual tables.
  • It has good quality glass, nice and heavy that provides a lavish amount in one order.
  • They are the perfect decorative accessory for special occasions or weddings and can help you to make your next event amazing.
  • The high-quality glass gems are very durable and long-lasting.
  • These glass stones are entirely opaque.

3. National Tree 4 Foot Crestwood Spruce Entrance Tree

This company is a leading manufacturer of artificial Christmas trees. Illuminate the Christmas festive mood at your house by bringing home with this Tree. These trees come in a wide range of shapes, styles and sizes. It will help you to create a joyful and festive ambience to your family and your friends. 

The artificial Christmas tree adds a fantastic festive feel to your place. It is simple to set up. The branches drop into place to create the fullest effect of twisting.

This Tree is 4 feet tall and has 25 inches diameter and pre-strung with 100 UL listed bright lights. It comes with silver bristle, pine cones, red berries and glitter in a decorative base. This Tree is fire-resistant and non-allergenic. The manufacturer uses a reusable storage carton to pack it.

It comes up with use and cares instructions. While storing the product, remove the product from the location. Also include trees, branches, or bushes, to avoid any stress on the product. When you are not using it, store in a cool, dry location protected from sunlight.

Check Price on Amazon

Pros & Cons

  • It comes with beautiful sparkly branches and berries.
  • It looks very natural and glorious.
  • The natural Tree is very easy to install.
  • You get a choice of shape, style and size while choosing this Tree.
  • The Tree is not as full as the one pictured, and the base is super light.
  • Every time the Tree is plug in or unplug, pieces of the pinecones drop all over the floor.

4. Goplus 5 FT Christmas Tree Pre-Lit Tabletop

This Tree is a Warm Entrance Tree, which gives your home full of festival atmosphere even from outside. It is a beautiful decoration for display in doorways, hallways, porches. Tabletop uses great Material. The blades of this Christmas tree has high-quality PVC material. Its material makes the Tree looks more real and fuller. It also adds the anti-crush quality to the Tree.

To connect the Tree, the firm uses a gold base urn. It not only adds stability to the Tree but also makes the Tree look more gorgeous. This Tree is pre-lit with low voltage LED lights, which are energy-efficient and long last. With pine cones and red berries, this Tree is more active and realistic.

The Tree comes in 2 pieces that are easy to assemble, take apart and to store. It gives the Tree its best effect. You can place it anywhere to give your home the Christmas Decor for the upcoming Holidays. You can use this Tree to enhance your home and to impress your friends. You can use it anywhere around your home. The make of this Tree is 100% safe and with fantastic quality to last you all holiday and beyond.

Check Price on Amazon

Pros & Cons

  • This Christmas tree is amazing. It comes with lights that are super colourful, and the ornaments are beautiful.
  • This Tree is so beautiful that and it also looks suitable for small rooms.
  • It is very easy to setup.
  • It is ideal for offices, kitchens, living rooms and anywhere.
  • You need to straighten out all the branches of the Tree to get the best effect.

5. Super Bright Jumbo Pathway LED Outdoor Decorative Christmas Lights Set 

The super bright Jumbo pathway is a 10-piece LED light set for Christmas decorations. The multicolored lights look very nice for outdoor decorations on festivals. The 10 large super bright lights give a charming glow for your home or office. You can even use these lights for a wedding walkway apart from festive lighting. The luminous glow gives a stunning view of these elegant lights.

The LED bulbs used in this decorative set are energy-saving bulbs. These bulbs consume very little electricity. So, you can enjoy a colorful lighting while saving up to 90% of electricity. The light set also features durable bulbs. Hence, they have a longer lifespan than other light bulbs used in the holiday season.

The long-lasting beautiful bulbs have 6 feet length. This decorative set uses LEDs that can resist overheating. You may use it daily and for a long duration without any worry about damage. It is very safe to use these Christmas lights and gives an enchanting look for the viewers. Add a perfect touch to your Christmas decorations with these bright LED lights. The light set is very easy to install and will light up all your outdoor and pathways.


Check Price on Amazon

Pros & Cons

  • These lights are very elegant and perfect for lining the sidewalk.
  • It will help to add holiday cheer without a ton of work.
  • This string light offers a safe decoration that ensures a great celebration.
  • The decorative light set has LED lights that resist overheating even with heavy use.
  • Some of the arms of these trees are fragile and needs more care.
  • The strings of the lights is a little less.

6. Plow & Hearth Lighted Holiday Urn Filler with Battery-Operated Auto Timer

Plow, and Hearth Christmas URN filler is a battery-operated filler with lighting. The elevated styled filler is exquisite and an excellent option for the festive decoration. You can use this urn filler in any planter or basket to make a magnificent showpiece.

The fantastic URN filler has an auto timer feature. This auto-timer runs for 6 hours and then gets off for 18 hours. Plow and hearth use 3 D batteries and also have an option for electric lighting.

Lighted urn filler comes with pine cones is lovely holiday greenery. It has a beautiful style and color as it has red berries with the cones. You also get a Plug-in adapter to use electric power and looks gorgeous. It is an evergreen decoration having 24 inches length and 15 inches width.

Check Price on Amazon

Pros & Cons

  • The auto timer that runs the LED is a great feature.
  • This URN filler is outdoor safe, and you can use it indoor as well.

  • It comes with both 3 D battery and electric option.

  • The classy festive faux filler is wonderful and delightful.

  • The lighting URN filler offers elegant decoration for Christmas and other festive.

  • The battery is not included, and you need to buy a separate cell for this URN filler.

7. Nearly Natural 4956 30-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Pond Cypress Topiary with Urn, Green

Nearly natural 4956 is a gorgeous cypress topiary with URN filler. The green color silky plants and arrangements are beneficial. The filler is so natural and life-like that you feel that the flowers are really not artificial. The pot required should have 5 inches height, 13 inches width and 13 inches depth.

The cypress is very glorious and can support more significant than 200 lush leaves. These leaves can reach any direction, and you can style it according to your needs. Another unique feature is the stems stays beautifully on the black and grey urn filler.

The pond cypress topiary is 30 inches in size. The fantastic combination of the thick green lushes and filler seems so lovely. Thick green lushes resting on the urn are like the natural stems and flowers growing in a dazzling pot. The URN filler with the green lushes is an excellent option for Christmas decoration.

Check Price on Amazon

Pros & Cons

  • The cypress is 30 inches high and can support a massive number of faux leaves.
  • The topiary with urn filler is excellent for both indoor and outdoor.

  • The decorative urn completes the enchanting looks for the lushes.

  • It looks so realistic and can be constant for a long duration.

  • The screws with nuts on six sides offer you to tighten each stem.

  • It is a little smaller than it looks in the picture so you cannot place it the front entrance of the house.

8. Northwood Calliger 4.6′ Artificial Topiary Triple Ball Boxwood Trees

Northwood Calliger is a triple ball topiary with boxwood trees. The cute fake plastic plants are very realistic. The amazing topiary trees have Buxus shrubs for decoration. It is an excellent option for home, office, garden or reception and is excellent for any festive season.

The eye-catching gaze of the unique charm and style of the spiral and natural-looking trees is excellent. Premium quality plastic used in these boxwood trees is very durable. It also adds a beautiful shine to the artificial trees. 

This set of the fake Buxus plants is pre-potted in a plastic pot by the firm. The pot has 7 inches width and 5.9 inches in height. The elegant design of the boxwood bushes can remain gorgeous and shiny in wind, rain, and sunlight. The round leaves on the Buxus shrubs are multi-layered and give an impressive look.

Check Price on Amazon

Pros & Cons

  • The good quality plastic plants don’t need constant care and have easy maintenance.
  • The crisp and sharp trees give a natural feeling and texture.
  • All year round you can enjoy the beauty with the durable product.
  • The advanced UV inhibitor used in this filler protects the fake plants in all weather.
  • The fake plants are pre-potted and are very easy to install and get an instant decorative piece.
  • A light brown plastic between the spaces of fake greenery doesn’t look nice from a close view.

9. AerWo 3ft DIY Felt Christmas tree Set + 26pcs Detachable Ornaments

If you are looking for a complete set of Christmas decorations, AerWo has an amazing option for you. The DIY Tree comes with snowflake, Christmas hat, Santa, Candy, bells, Christmas socks. So, you get all the decorative items with 26 piece ornaments by choosing this Christmas tree.

 The unique feature of this product is that the firm stitches it with needlework. Other companies use a glue stick, and the decoration fell off. But with this Tree and decorative pieces, hook and look will not fall or pull off and kids can play with it. It comes with folding packing and is ready to hang on the door or wall.

 The Christmas tree is 3 feet tall and has a 3 mm thickness. It makes it thicker than other similar products. It is not harmful to kids and toddlers. Kids can take all the ornaments and stick them anywhere on the Tree with ease. It offers a great and fun activity for the kids this Christmas.

Check Price on Amazon

Pros & Cons

  • It is a perfect gift for your kids on Christmas as they can enjoy the activity.
  • The material used in this Christmas tree is thicker than other sellers.
  • It doesn’t have any bad smell and is safe for kid’s use.
  • The needlework prevents pulling off the items by toddlers.
  • The tiny designed ornaments are adorable, and you can stick those pieces anywhere on the Tree.
  • The Tree comes folded and with creases but once you iron it looks perfect.

Common questions

How frequently to water: Once in a month is enough to water the plants. They stay moist enough due to the snow. 

How long does it stay: These remain long for the entire season. 

What are options for greenery: Pine, evergreen, shrubs, Cedar, spruce, Magnolia, eucalyptus, etc

How to choose the pot? Its snow everywhere so the pot should be able to bear the harsh snow, rain. Wood or metal is suitable for outdoors. 

Making own Christmas planters is cost-saving, fun and exciting task. It brings the family members together, and everyone can enjoy making it. Everyone should try to make their urns using your creativity. 

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